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"Oh, I can see you're utterly starstruck! Don't fret, darling. I always have time for my fans!"

SnorpyHappySticker.png Snorpy - "Oh, a world-famous pop star just 'happened' to join our expedition? 100% Grumpinati spy confirmed."  

Wiggle Wigglebottom is a Grumpus who is a resident of Snaxburg, and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition.

Journal description

An extravagant entertainer. Her star has faded.

Likes fashion, creativity, and being extremely famous.

Interview notes

  • Searching for a cure to her songwriter's block.
  • Seems unsure whether her feelings for Gramble are genuine.
  • Knew Lizbert and Eggabell as fans of her work.
  • Claims to have encountered a gigantic Queen of Bugsnax.


Wiggle is a celebrity, singing sensation, and a diva, dressing in a flashy manner. She can be somewhat proud, assuming everyone is already a fan of hers, but appreciates her fans nonetheless. Wiggle acts very dramatically, and commonly sings her words even in normal conversation. While she revels in her stardom, it also haunts her: she is a "one-hit Wiggle", known only for one song, Do the Wiggle. This song was entirely improvised, and Wiggle wishes her more original work could get such attention. Suffering from writer's block, she turns to Bugsnax for inspiration.

Wiggle and Gramble have a somewhat strange romantic relationship. While they do genuinely care about each other, Wiggle is not entirely above eating some of Gramble's Bugsnax.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Wiggle grumpusquiz.png

You bought your own spotlight to stand in. You introduce yourself to people you already know. You've started one hundred side projects and very nearly finished one of them.


Wiggle is a tall, orange Grumpus with a round, protruding green nose and blue eyes.
Her face shape is an overbite, the front row with two large asymmetrical round front teeth and two round teeth on the side, the below row four round teeth with the outer ones being longer.
Her defining accessories[1] are both her hot pink star-shaped glasses as her hot pink boa.

When first encountered Wiggle is already snakified, sporting a Cheepoof "mohawk" - allowing the top of her head to be changed for her first quest Pen Pineapple! without having to snakify her limbs first.

Wiggle is seen walking around with her banjo most of the time and she never stops wiggling.

SnaxScope Quotes

  • Green Grapeskeeto: (in reference to its preceding description of “This one plumps up and slows down if it eats another Bugsnak.”) "Who doesn't, darling?"
  • Green Lollive: "What an incredibly rude fruit!"
  • Green Peelbug: "You put the Peelbug in the Cocomite and shake it all up!"
  • Meaty Snakpod: "Learn to moisturize, darling!"
  • Megamaki: "If you make this prima donna mad, then roe betide you!"
  • Minimaki: "Backup signers to a spoiled diva...not that I'd know what that's like."
  • Pineantula: "Love the hair, is that au natural?"
  • White Rootle: "It's a - nice day for a - White Rootle!"


  • Wiggle's quote for the Green Peelbug is a reference to the lyrics of Put The Lime In The Coconut by Harry Nilsson.
  • Wiggle's quote for the White Rootle is a reference to the lyrics of White Wedding by Billy Idol.


References & Notes

  1. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.