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"Oh, I can see you're utterly starstruck! Don't fret, darling. I always have time for my fans!"

SnaxScope sticker.png An extravagant entertainer. Her star has faded.
SnorpyHappySticker.png Snorpy - "Oh, a world-famous pop star just 'happened' to join our expedition? 100% Grumpinati spy confirmed."

Wiggle Wigglebottom is a fame-seeking musician and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition.

Journal description

An extravagant entertainer. Her star has faded.

Likes fashion, creativity, and being extremely famous.

Interview notes

  • Searching for a cure to her songwriter's block.
  • Seems unsure whether her feelings for Gramble are genuine.
  • Knew Lizbert and Eggabell as fans of her work.
  • Claims to have encountered a gigantic Queen of Bugsnax.


Wiggle is a musician, celebrity and flamboyant diva who loves to be in the spotlight. She is often loud and enthusiastic, and true to her name, she is constantly wiggling her hips back and forth. In conversation she is dramatic in both speech and body language, often bursting into song when she feels emotional enough. She assumes those she meets are both aware of and fans of hers, and as such generously gifts them her autograph.

While she revels in her stardom, it also haunts her: she is a "one-hit Wiggle", known only for one song, Do the Wiggle. This song was entirely improvised, and Wiggle wishes her other work could get such attention. Suffering from writer's block, she turns to Bugsnax for inspiration. Despite her cheerful attitude, she has a morbid streak, singing gleefully about the "Queen of Bugsnax" coming to devour the residents of Snaxburg. This seems to be a metaphor for her attitude on bugsnax as a whole, believing that their deliciousness and inspirational qualities come at a hidden cost, albeit one she is willing to pay, no matter how dire.

She has a love for the universe and has it woven into her speech, is the foundation of her spirituality, reflects in her attire and she sees stargazing as a bonding experience.

Wiggle and Gramble have a somewhat strange romantic relationship, Wiggle balancing her affection for him with her overwhelming desire to eat his Bugsnax.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Personality Quiz result Wiggle.png

You bought your own spotlight to stand in. You introduce yourself to people you already know. You've started one hundred side projects and very nearly finished one of them.


Wiggle met Lizbert when the latter broke into her concert without tickets and went backstage to meet her. Wiggle was flattered by Lizbert's dedication and the two became friends. As such, Lizbert invited Wiggle to join the expedition, and Wiggle saw it as an adventurous vacation that could help her be inspired and write her next big hit.

When Lizbert went missing, Wiggle rushed to go find her at Sugarpine Woods and encountered the Snaxsquatch, which she described as having a size able to eclipse the moon. She feared for Lizbert's life if she were to have crossed paths with this creature. After the falling-out of Snaxburg's residents, she followed Gramble down to Simmering Springs for the simple fact that he is very good with Bugsnax and his taming qualities makes snatching them for a swift snack easier for her.

The sighting of the Snaxsquatch inspired her idea of The Bugsnax Queen, the ruler of all Bugsnax, who will eventually come to devour them. Wiggle seems to feel a mixture of fear, wonder and excitement over the prospect of being eaten by the Queen, seeing it as a poetic justice to their own consumption of Bugsnax, which she refers to as 'forbidden fruit'. Wiggle mentions The Queen whenever she gets the chance and her description of it develops over time, where Wiggle seems to fit her into an ideal over realism. When Wambus questions the idea of a bug monarchy Wiggle defends it on just being a title, but later goes on to say the Queen should have the "grace of royalty", be grand in size and wear a crownSnaxburg Isn't Safe. She refers to the Queen with it/she pronouns.

Wiggle sees Bugsnax as her muse, becoming euphoric when consuming them, a state she describes to be similar to when she wrote 'Do The Wiggle'. Due to how short-lived this state is, it ultimately does not serve her well when writing song lyrics, driving her to eat more in order to find the one snak that will finally inspire her.

Wiggle used to write and perform songs "from the heart" - lyrics that mattered to her personally and she wrote for herself - but never reached stardom through them. In an extreme sleep-deprived bewildered state, Wiggle went into the Studio one day to perform her improvised song: 'Do The Wiggle'. It became a platinum record and invented/launched the genre of 'Banjo-pop'. Wiggle went to create more similar music (judging from the titles) but none of it hit off like 'Do The Wiggle' did, making her and her song a one-hit wonder.

Whereas most of the team lack of opportunities, wealth and recognition - Wiggle is rich and famous from her one-hit wonder. Her problem lies in the latter, as she would like to be known and appreciated for more work than just 'Do The Wiggle' - which she deems to be a vapid waste of a song. (She values her audience and their response, her reflection on the work is not a judgement of its fans.)

Wiggle's method of fixing her problem is somewhat confused with what caused the problem. She refers to Do The Wiggle as worthless yet gave up on writing songs 'from the heart'. A true magnum opus would be a song that is a huge hit as well as something that is meaningful to Wiggle.

Role, Residence and Routine


Wiggle is one of the few expeditions members to have joined on a 'vacation' basis without an established role in the structure of the expedition (research, managing or community care). She could provide entertainment as she strolls around town strumming her banjo. The presence of a celebrity does not go unnoticed by town (Snorpy, for example, believes her to be a Grumpinati spy, and Beffica regards her as potentially entertaining to have around), but overall they do not seem to treat Wiggle any different.


Her hut sits on ground level at the entrance to Simmering Springs. A beach chair with parasol rests next to it. The roof has logs sticking out of it from the sides. Her bed is placed in the middle of the room. On the left are shelves with shells, a triangle and a stack of signed picture (also found on Lizbert's desk and of which she also gave the Journalist a copy). On the left of her bed rests a pile of pillows. On the right is a vinyl-player, albums by other artists, papers of Wiggle's draft lyrics about Snaktooth Island/Bugsnax, and several instruments; a half-moon-shaped tambourine and a guitar with a star-shaped sound hole. Orange lights correlating with her fur color dangle from the ceiling.


Her routine starts at 04:00/4AM -as does for most characters- and stands near her hut to spend time with Gramble who comes listening to her banjo playing. Grambles leaves to tend to his barn and Wiggle starts walking around from her house to the town center to the direction of Wambus's garden and Gramble's barn and does so in circles. As Filbo follows a similar route, the two come in 'greeting' contact plenty of times. At 17:00/5PM, Wiggle returns to her morning Routine with Gramble and returns to her hut to sleep at 21:30/9:30PM.


LizbertHappySticker.pngLizbert ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle loves Lizbert enough to have it be mentioned in the Journal, which is unique as the love/hate/fear section is limited and Wiggle's love of her would be of the same level as Filbo's and Eggabell's. In Lizbert's hut, next to her life drawings of Bugsnax, lies a signed picture of Wiggle - the same as The Journalist received.

EggabellHappySticker.pngEggabell ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle mentions that both Lizbert as Eggabell are 'BIG fans' of her work but only mentions Lizbert climbing through an airductInterview. Judging by Eggabell's persona she would not like Lizbert to undertake such a dangerous endeavor and would have followed reluctantly. Wiggle is inclined to refer to most people as her fans and Eggabell is not mentioned alongside Lizbert as a person Wiggle loves.

JournalistHappySticker.pngJournalist ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

The Journalist knows Wiggle's hit song (it was stuck in their head for months), and supposedly Wiggle herself as a celebrity, but is not shown to be starstruck by her presence and speaks practically of the signed photograph in their inventory -a "Key Item"- as having no real use for it. Wiggle likes to see them as a fan, asks for honest opinions of her work and tells them about her artistic peril - The Journalist' profession does not stop anyone from dumping their entire baggage on them.

Wiggle is one of the few character who has proven the Journalist wrong; during Wiggle's grand finaleDance with the Dragon!, Wiggle tries to summon the Megamaki with what she calls her siren song. The Journalist can either say 'the Bugsnax will not understand her' or that 'not every problem is solved by singing'[1] Wiggle shuts the remarks down and continues her performance with success.

FilboHappySticker.pngFilbo ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle has no explicit interaction with Filbo but the latter greets her happily - and often, as the two stroll around town and come to interact constantly. Wiggle has not spoken negatively of Filbo's role as mayor nor shown desire to split up/leave town.

WambusHappySticker.pngWambus ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wambus and Wiggle are at odds with each other; Wambus questions Wiggle's claimGhost Stories of having seen the Bugsnax Queen, confused about the idea Bugsnax would have a monarchy[2] and suggesting Wiggle's experience must have been a hallucination. Wiggle responds by loudly singing/proclaiming something is most definitely lurking out there. Wiggle overheard Wambus speak of the SandopedeYellow Submarine! and finds the idea of a leader and its following alluring. The Sandopede is a Bugsnak who follows the same basis as the Megamaki.

BefficaHappySticker.pngBeffica ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Beffica enjoys Wiggle for the drama she brings - deeming Snaxburg finally being interesting again with her return. She likes having dirt on her due to her superstar status, deems her relationship with Gramble to be doomedRumor Mill! and assumes her to be the first to snap under pressureThe Quake... (with unclear to no elaborated basis from fiction presented). Wiggle has voiced no opinion of Beffica.

GrambleHappySticker.pngGramble ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

After the Fight, Wiggle followed Gramble towards the beach, her motivation doing so being his ability to tame Bugsnax and for her to have an easy snack. She masks it as having romantic interest in Gramble, which he happily welcomes, but turns down her invitations as he is too anxious about his little ones being eaten - which is exactly what Wiggle plans to do, inviting his 'delectable Strabbies' to join them. When both return, Wiggle proposes he can spend time with her as 'nobody is so desperate to steal his snax, anymore' - referring to the events of the Fight. Despite her claim, the Journalist confronts Wiggle sneaking into Gramble's barn to have a midnight snakRumor Mill! and she sheepishly retreats. Beffica comments the relationship between Gramble and Wiggle is not going to last.

The Journalist questions Wiggle on using Gramble for his Snax, but she deflects the accusations, insisting that her feelings are genuine regardless of 'how easy' it would be to manipulate someone like Gramble.Interview

In the end of Gramble's sidequest, Gramble is disappointed his Bugsnax training is not working and blames the Bugsnax of 'not caring'. He reflects and concludes that he must spend some time with Wiggle.

Gramble is not involved during Wiggle's sidequest and only approaches in the aftermath, giving Wiggle the advice of making art from the heart, not understanding her issue as she is already 'rich and famous'. Wiggle explains that she craves validation, that she "needs an audience" but that nobody will listen to her more meaningful work. Gramble tells her that he would, which Wiggle tells him is "a nice sentiment, darling."

The two are paired up during the events of the Quake that leads up to the Final Battle. Wiggle turns the Bugsnax attacking situation into a metaphor of a star and her fans in an attempt to calm Gramble down.

TriffanyHappySticker.pngTriffany ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle is interested in Triffany's campfire story during Snaxburg Gets Spooked and dramatically reacts to it. Triffany told Wiggle of the "moon Bugsnak"Fly Me To The Moon. The two are shown dancing together during the Major Celebration! when Wambus switches out with Wiggle to be able to dance with Gramble. They are the only pair to dance together with little to no connection.

CromdoHappySticker.pngCromdo ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle is everything Cromdo wants to be; rich, famous and singing as loud as he wants. Cromdo is a fan of Wiggle's work, or at least "Do the Wiggle", which he is shown to sing/dance along to in secrecy. Beffica figures his love for singing is what makes him 'always act so jealous of Wiggle' and in his petty jealousy has spoken of Wiggle as a fraud without further elaboration. While there seems to be a basis for more on them, there is merely one instance of interaction where he tells a bickering Snorpy and Wiggle to split the difference into them both being wrong - Cromdo being pleased with his joke and the duo squinting at him in anger.

ChandloHappySticker.pngChandlo ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle got upset with Gramble's suggestion that Chandlo might be the Bugsnax Queen, urging that the Queen has royal grace and Chandlo being too brutish to live up to that. Chandlo and Wiggle are both followers of Shelda and Chandlo mentions Wiggle (and Gramble) will be stoked upon Shelda's return. Their consumption of Bugsnax have a similar basis where they both feel a short-lived rush, Chandlo in physical strength and Wiggle in mental artistic creativity.

SnorpyHappySticker.pngSnorpy ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle and Snorpy share their FlavorText and have an unusual blend of annoyance and affection between them. Snorpy suspects her to be a Grumpinati spy, as it is unlikely a celebrity would just happen to tag along on this expedition. Wiggle describes him as the worst hugger she ever met, likely due to him trying to put trackers on her while hugging - as he did with the Journalist and likely did with Floofty - and Wiggle happens to never stop wiggling. She complains about him "losing trackers" in her hut, which might be trackers falling of her body or Snorpy actually does put them in her hut. During Snaxburg Isn't Safe, the two have a debateThe Intruder about their believes of the Bugsnax Queen and the Grumpinati - both fantastical ideas of which they mock the other. Snorpy however does adopt Wiggle's believes, slipping his tongue about The Queen as a possible cause to the rising of Broken ToothDLC.png . During "The Quake..." Snorpy suggests to make defence weaponry for if they get attacked either by The Queen or the Grumpinati.

SheldaHappySticker.pngShelda ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle is one of Shelda's followers and thinks she is amazing. When noting Shelda has succumbed to Bugsnax she reacts supportive of it (as do all of Shelda's followers, much to one's displeasure.)

FlooftyHappySticker.pngFloofty ⟺ WiggleWiggleHappySticker.png

Wiggle was insulted by Floofty who accused her of being a "vociferous profligate", which means a person who is loud (attention-seeking) and extravagant (wasteful, "too much"). While Wiggle was not familiar with the terminology, she understood the tone to be demeaning and therefore rejected to provide further assistance.


Wiggle is a tall, orange Grumpus with a round, upwards protruding green nose and blue eyes.
Her face shape is an overbite, the front row with two large asymmetrical round front teeth and two round teeth on the side, the below row four round teeth with the outer ones being longer.
Her defining accessories[3] are both her hot pink star-shaped glasses as her hot pink boa.

When first encountered Wiggle is already snakified, sporting a Cheepoof "mohawk" - allowing the top of her head to be changed for her first quest Pen Pineapple! without having to snakify her limbs first.

Wiggle is in a constant wiggling movement with the exception of when she sleeps.

SnaxScope FlavorText

Points of Interest
SnaxScope sticker.png Scan Info FlavorText Area
Record Player
Able to play a whopping two songs per giant discus.
WiggleHappySticker.png Just wait til you hear it on 180g 45RPM 4XLP, the sound quality is so much better-  
Snaxburg logo.png
Grumpawamba[4] Vinyl
With such hits as 'Grumpthumping' and nothing else.[5]
Snaxburg logo.png
Grumpford and Sons Vinyl [6]
With such hits as 'The Cavern,'[7] 'Snak Eyes,'[8] and 'I Won't Wait'![9]
Snaxburg logo.png
Breakfast Bell
One of Wiggle's old triangles? Something might happen if it's rung in the morning.
Simmering Springs logo.png
SnaxScope sticker.png Scan FlavorText Area
Green Grapeskeeto
Green Grapeskeeto sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png Who doesn't, darling?[10]  
Simmering Springs logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Pineantula sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png Love the hair, is that au naturel?  
Simmering Springs logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Green Lollive
Green Lollive sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png What an incredibly rude fruit!  
Flavor Falls logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
White Rootle
White Rootle sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png It's a - nice day for a - White Rootle![11]  
Flavor Falls logo.pngFlavor Falls logo.png
Green Peelbug
Green Peelbug sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png You put the Peelbug in the Cocomite and shake it all up![12]  
Scorched Gorge logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Meaty Snakpod
Meaty Snakpod sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png Learn to moisturize, darling!  
Sizzlin' Sands logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Minimaki sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png Backup singers to a spoiled diva...not that I'd know what that's like.  
Boiling Bay logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Megamaki sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png If you make this prima donna mad, then roe betide you!  
Boiling Bay logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Wiggle Melodiva
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Soprina Serpentina
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Meneo Desenfreno
French flag.png French Wiggle Tirelipotin
German flag.png German Wiggle Wackeldickel
Italian flag.png Italian Wiggle Wigglebottom
Polish flag.png Polish Wiggle Wigglebottom
Russian flag.png Russian Уиггл Вертихвостс
Korean flag.png Korean 위글 위글보텀
Japanese flag.png Japanese ウィグル ウィグルボトム
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 威格 比格尔巴顿

References & Notes

  1. This seems to be a sneer to children's media/musicals.
  2. The hierachy among bees and ants is actually referred to as a monarchy, ruled by a queen.
  3. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.
  4. Play on the band "Chumbawamba"
  5. Play on "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba and reference to their 1997 CD/Vinyl release with six variations of the same song. ("Chumbawamba ‎– Tubthumping" on Discoggs)
  6. Play on the band "Mumford & Sons"
  7. Play on "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons
  8. Play on "Snake Eyes" by Mumford & Sons
  9. Play on "I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons
  10. In reaction to the scan text: “This one plumps up and slows down if it eats another Bugsnak”.
  11. Play on a lyric of "White Wedding" by Billy Idol
  12. Play on the lyrics of "Put The Lime In The Coconut" by Harry Nilsson