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Video Diaries
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The Video Diaries, also referred to as Lizbert's video diaries[1] and Eggabell's Diary[2], are film reel recordings of Eggabell and Lizbert, showcasing their relationship dynamics and struggles, and functioning as clues to the mystery of Elizabert Megafig's disappearance. The Diaries are obtained indirectly from the Expedition Team upon conducting their Interviews.

The reels are documented in the Journal under Clues and Leads, alongside the keys that open their enclosures. The reels are to be watched by interacting with the Projector that is found in Lizbert's and Eggabell's hut in Snaxburg.

The film reels are to make up for the lack of presence of the two major characters and for the viewer to ponder over what might have become of them, finding them being their leading quest throughout the game's storyline. Having watched the footage does not trigger additional dialog/content nor does it affect the outcome of the Story. Having watched every reel is rewarded with the Documentarian trophy.

While some recording are set up initially by Lizbert to be professional expedition documentative footage, thus for the public to see, it often ends up personal enough for Beffica and Chandlo to describe it as such. The Journalist does not provide commentary on the footage or mentions its contents in the Journal.

It seems the descriptive word of the tapes reflect its content. The worn and dusty tape are the oldest. The sweaty one contains Egg and Chandlo's workout. The muddy one lied at the edge of Sugarpine Woods.

SnaxScope sticker.png New Clue! - You picked up a video diary! Check your Journal for details.  

In the XML files, Reel #4 with Floofty is named "Tape Three" while all files are assigned as Diary 4 and Reel #3 with Chandlo is named "Tape Four". Wiggle's clue is to be found after Snaxburg Gets Spooked, making way for the the third wave of Grumpuses to return and the Sugarpine Woods open for exploration where #4 Reel is found. This area is where Chandlo is found as well. It is likely that one receives and watches Reel #4 before watching Diary 3 simply due to Wiggle being an earlier wave Grumpus who likely is interviewed earlier. What the intended storyline is for these tapes is thusly unclear.


Lizbert is often away for a while for her hunts and causes herself harm that Eggabell must patch up. Eggabell is concerned with Lizbert's physical health (mentioned as well in Triffany's Interview) and her need to show off and wants her stay longer. As a response, Lizbert presents her the fruits of her labour, her all-new snack discovery of a Cheery, which Eggabell is very pleased with.

Eggabell suffers from depressive episodes and higher sensitivity which causes mental overload. Her overwhelmedness with situations make her depressed and assuming of herself as worthless. (It is not explained how this plays out in town, only Chandlo mentioned Eggabell could get down on herself) Liz gives her Bugsnax to cheer her up. The Bugsnak gives once more is Eggabell's favourite Cheery[3].

In order to make herself (feel) useful, Eggabell has started working as a science partner in Floofty's Bugsnax experiments. Eggabell loving to eat Bugsnax was a very willing test subject. Lizbert however has grown suspicious of Bugsnax and their effects on people - implied in the game to be triggered by Shelda and her speaking her concerns to Liz. As such Liz has grown distrustful of Floofty as well, questioning their motif of "science" but not elaborating on what else Floofty would have interest in. Lizbert has not spoken this concern to anyone aside Eggabell, who as Lizbert's direct lifepartner is surprised at her wife's concern of her well-being and does not consider her Bugsnax intake to be alarming from a doctor's professional viewpoint. Eggabell accuses Lizbert of trying to control her.

Eggabell has picked herself up after her depressive episode and tries working out alongside Chandlo, who is miles ahead of anyone on physical fitness. Eggabell pushes herself very hard in order to be able to support Liz and be more independent in favor of their relationship stability. Chandlo expresses concern over her Bugsnax intake, regardless if he himself takes Bugsnax to become stronger. The two bond over their struggle with their partners. Chandlo mentions to hit the showers[4] and Eggabell notices she smells "rotten".

Lizbert is about to embark on her biggest mystery journey yet; to find what is behind the door at Frosted Peak (mentioned as well in Snorpy's Interview) as Eggabell comes running up to her asking to come along. Lizbert warns of this journey not being one for beginners but Eggabell reveals to her that she has been working out. The two come to terms over their previous arguments and leave off together, Lizbert showing both excitement as worry for her lover.


Clue FilmReel 1 sticker.png
Video Diary #1

A worn projector tape I found in Lizbert's hut.

Clue FilmReel 1.png
Clue FilmReel 2 sticker.png
Video Diary #2

A dusty projector tape locked away in Lizbert's cabinet.

Clue FilmReel 2.png
Clue FilmReel 3 sticker.png
Video Diary #3

A sweaty projector tape I found inside Eggabell's hope chest.

Clue FilmReel 3.png
Clue FilmReel 4 sticker.png
Video Diary #4

A muddy projector tape discarded among Lizbert's supplies out in the woods.

Clue FilmReel 4.png
Clue FilmReel 5 sticker.png
Video Diary #5

A battered projector tape from the mystery box.

Clue FilmReel 5.png
M Key Description Reel
BefficaHappySticker.png Clue Key cabinet sticker.png Beffica gave you Liz's cabinet key! Check your Journal for details.
With this key, I can open the cabinet in Liz's hut.
Clue Key cabinet.png
Clue FilmReel 2 sticker.png A dusty projector tape locked away in Lizbert's cabinet. Clue FilmReel 2.png
M Key Description Reel
Icon Pawprint.png
Beffica gave you Liz's cabinet key! Check your Journal for details.
Journal sticker.png
With this key, I can open the cabinet in Liz's hut.
Clue Key cabinet.png
Clue FilmReel 2 sticker.png
Journal sticker.png
A dusty projector tape locked away in Lizbert's cabinet.
Clue FilmReel 2.png
M Key Description Tape
UnknownHappySticker.png New Clue! - You picked up a video diary! Check your Journal for details.
A worn projector tape I found in Lizbert's hut.
Clue FilmReel 1 sticker.png
BefficaHappySticker.png Clue Key cabinet sticker.png Beffica gave you Liz's cabinet key! Check your Journal for details.
With this key, I can open the cabinet in Liz's hut.
Clue FilmReel 2 sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png Clue Key chest sticker.png Chandlo gave you Eggabell's chest key! Check your Journal for details.
Chandlo gave me the key to get into Eggabell's chest.
Clue FilmReel 3 sticker.png
WiggleHappySticker.png Clue Map mountain sticker.png Wiggle gave you a map to Liz's last location! Check your Journal for details.
'I saw Lizbert looking down on camp from between the trees beneath the snow line.' ~Wiggle
Clue FilmReel 4 sticker.png
SheldaHappySticker.png Shelda has a locked box. You'll need a key to open it! Clue FilmReel 5 sticker.png
FlooftyHappySticker.png Clue Key lockbox sticker.png Floofty gave you a mysterious key! Check your Journal for details.
Floofty dismissively gave me this key. Seems to go with a mysterious box.
Clue FilmReel 5 sticker.png

Video Diary #1

I'm back in town after a narrow escape from a pack of vicious Bugsnax! Just in time for a gorgeous doctor to treat my grievous wound.
Well, this gorgeous doctor thinks you're an idiot.
That stings! And after I faced those Snax just for you~
Don't joke around. I don't want you taking risks to impress me!
But you ARE impressed, yes? OW OW OW!
You're lucky it's such a shallow cut. And stop squirming around or I'll have to restrain you!
Eggabell! Not while the camera's on!
Trying to look strong for your audience?
*ahem* So how's it look, Bell? Think I'll be up and hunting soon?
No! You need to stay a while, Liz.
Oh, Eggabell, you miss me that much?
I just want you in peak hunting condition.
Speaking of, you haven't seen the haul from my latest excursion.
Ooo, did you bring me something good?
You tell me. It's a brand new Snak, and you'll be the first to try it!
Oh, Liz, you spoil me.

Video Diary #2

Surprise, I'm back early! And have I got a story for you!
Bell...are you okay?
I'm worthless.
That's not true. You're just having one of those days.
Every day is one of those days.
Did something happen?
Everything happened. Triffany broke her leg, Gramble got food poisoning-
-I couldn't help both of them, everybody was shouting at me, I didn't know what to do...
That's...none of that's your fault...
What's the point if I can't help anybody!? I just sit here all day while everybody else is out there all productive and happy!
That's not true! You help me all the time, like when I cut my paw!
You only got hurt because you were getting Snax for me...You'd be fine if I wasn't around.
Don't say that! I need you, Bell. You were there when the world was laughing at me! You were there for me during the worst days of my life. I'm here for you, too.
The world can suck an egg.
...I know what'll make you feel better.
Thanks, Liz. I'd fall to pieces without you.

Video Diary #3

Aaaand one thousand! You scopin' my form? ...Egg?
*wheeze* ...eight.
Uhh, hey, Eggabro, good work out today! Let's hit the showers.
No. This is pathetic. I won't break yet!
That's hard-boiled, Egg. Who lit a fire under you?
I just need to get strong enough to catch my own Bugsnax!
No disrespect, but you've been hittin' the Snax pretty hard already.
Ugh, not you, too.
Naw, naw, I'm sayin' you aren't doin' this for Snax alone. I can't help you if you're not honest with me.
*sighs* I'm just so sick of feeling like an empty shell. I want to stop relying on everybody else. I want to keep up with Liz for once in my life!
...Respect. I know things are tough with Liz right now, but dawg, she loves you. You two'll be back to normal in no time.
But I don't want to go back to normal! I don't want her worrying about me anymore...
When you love somebody, you never stop worryin' about em!
I know...and I'm worried about her, too. I just want to take better care of her, and that starts with me.
Yeah. I get that. And I will get you there.
Thanks, Chandlo. And uh, maybe I'll hit the showers after all. I smell rotten.

Video Diary #4

Okay, let her fly and I'll show you my incredible aim!
Just try not to hit Filbo again!
When you're finished with your amusements, come see me. We have work to do.
Get out of here, Floofty, you're ruining my shot.
What's wrong?
There's something off about that Grumpus.
Floofty's not so bad. They're just passionate about science.
Sure. Science. I heard about their experiments, messing with your body. It's weird.
What's weird about it!?
I mean, look at you! How many Bugsnax have you HAD?
We're all eating Bugsnax and we're all FINE. So why are you getting on my case?
...I'm just worried, Bell. You're not acting like yourself!
You mean I'm not miserable! I found a way to make myself useful and happy, to finally take some control over my life. And you're just upset because it doesn't involve YOU!
I'm not upset. If you don't need me anymore, that's great. Go be with Floofty.
Maybe I will!

Video Diary #5

Today is the day I, Elizabert Megafig, solve the greatest mystery of this island. I've found a door near the Frosted Peak. What could be behind it, I wonder-
Wait for me, Liz!
Bell!? What are you doing out here?
Following you!
Did you want to come with me?
...I thought it might be fun to hunt Bugsnax together! I-if that's alright with you.
That'd be amazing! But maybe not today...this peak isn't for beginners.
I've been practicing! I got Chandlo to show me the ropes, bro!
Very impressive! I didn't know you were working out.
I guess it's hard to see my muscles under the Bugsnax...
You really are changing, Bell... I'm sorry, I was being so selfish-
It's okay. I don't want apologies, worrying, any of it. I just want us to be together. And to see how much you're exaggerating about your dangerous work~
Oh really, think it'll be a walk in the park, huh?
That's right! And I bet I can even catch more Bugsnax than you!
You're on!...but be careful.

References & Notes

  1. Documentarian description
  2. Gamefiles
  3. Giving a Cheery to cheer someone up is likely intended to be a visual pun
  4. There are no showers shown in Snaxburg but supposedly there should be showers