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The following is a list of "trophies", more commonly known as "achievements", rewarded in Bugsnax.
There are a total of 28 trophies to be earned.

List of trophies

Icon Name Description Trophy
Achievement Bugsnax Master.png Bugsnax Master Obtain all of the Trophies Platinum
Achievement Bossy Bugs.png Bossy Bugs Defeat all of the Legendary Bugsnax. Gold
Achievement Candid Cryptid.png Candid Cryptid Scan the Snaxsquatch. Silver
Achievement Combo Meal.png Combo Meal Transform a Grumpus with Bunger, Fryder, and Sodie. Bronze
Achievement Documentarian.png Documentarian Watch all of Lizbert's video diaries. Silver
Achievement Double Trapper.png Double Trapper Catch more than one Bugsnak in your Snak Trap at once. Bronze
Achievement Everybody Gets One.png Everybody Gets One Catch your first Bugsnak. Bronze
Achievement Feeding Frenzy.png Feeding Frenzy Fully transform every Grumpus. Gold
Achievement Gone Home.png Gone Home[1] Find your way to Snaxburg. Bronze
Achievement Got To Catch Them All.png Got To Catch Them All[2] Catch 100 unique species of Bugsnax. Gold
Achievement Grab Bag.png Grab Bag Empty one biome of all its Snakpods. Silver
Achievement Halfway There.png Halfway There Catch 50 unique species of Bugsnax. Silver
Achievement I'm Stuffed.png I'm Stuffed Fully transform a Grumpus. Silver
Achievement In The Arms of the Gramble.png In The Arms of the Gramble[3] Donate the max amount of Bugsnax to Gramble's ranch. Silver
Achievement Know Thy Neighbor.png Know Thy Neighbor Return every Grumpus to Snaxburg. Bronze
Achievement Launch Party.png Launch Party Stun a flying Bugsnak by launching another Bugsnak at it. Silver
Achievement Midnight Snak.png Midnight Snak Transform Gramble. Bronze
Achievement Perf Dirt.png Perf Dirt Steal Beffica's diary from her cave. Bronze
Achievement Quartermaster.png Quartermaster Catch 25 unique species of Bugsnax. Bronze
Achievement Say Cheese!.png Say Cheese! Scan a Grumpus after saucing them with cheese. Bronze
Achievement Sidetracked.png Sidetracked Complete all of the side quests. Gold
Achievement Sundae Best.png Sundae Best Transform a Grumpus with Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery. Silver
Achievement Survivor.png Survivor All of the Grumpuses survive. Gold
Achievement Talkin' Bout Bugsnax.png Talkin' Bout Bugsnax[4] Interview every Grumpus. Silver
Achievement That Reminds Me of a Puzzle.png That Reminds Me of a Puzzle[5] Solve the secret of the lava cave or the secret of the dunes. Bronze
Achievement Clothesline.png Clothesline[6] Stun a Bugsnak with the Trip Shot attached to your Buggy Ball. Silver
Achievement Vacation's End.png Vacation's End Complete the main story of Bugsnax. Gold
Achievement Wonderfalls.png Wonderfalls Check behind the waterfall for secrets. Bronze
Achievement Deep Impact.png Deep Impact Complete the adventure at Broken Tooth. Silver
Achievement Dapper Capper.png Dapper Capper Collect 10 hats. Silver
Achievement Live Laugh Hut.png Live Laugh Hut Fully Furnish your hut. Gold

References & Notes

  1. "Gone Home" is perhaps a reference to the game "Gone Home" by The Fullbright Company.
  2. "Gotta Catch 'Em All" is a reference to the English slogan of the Pokemon franchise.
  3. "In The Arms of the Gramble" is a reference to the song "In the Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, notable for being used in ASPCA commercials.
  4. One of the slogans of Bugsnax and a lyric featured in It's Bugsnax!
  5. "That Reminds Me of a Puzzle" is a reference to the Professor Layton game series.
  6. previously "Trippin' Ball"