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The Trip Shot is a tool used for stunning all sorts of Bugsnax. It can only be placed on solid surfaces, mainly rocks, ice and some wood platforms. Once placed, the player can aim it in a similar fashion to the Lunchpad. Then they can shoot the wire onto another surface to create an obstacle for large or really fast Bugsnax, that are too big, too aggressive or too fast to fit in a Snak Trap or Bug Net. Any Bugsnax that get caught in the wire will result in them getting stunned for a short time, along with the wire breaking. Sometimes only this tool can be used to get your hands on certain Bugs, notably the Kwookie and its cousins, Sandopede, Megamaki and Daddy Cakelegs, the latter two are boss battles that focus on the Trip Shot.

This item can be obtained from Snorpy by heading up to the watchtower in Sugarpine Woods and using the newly acquired tool to take down a Charmallow.

Did you know that my Trip Shot can do more than, well, trip? It can also spread fires... or spread waters. Harness the elements of nature if you will.

The Trip Shot can also conduct fire should it be in the way of flames, which is immensely helpful for lighting torches and catching frozen Bugsnax like the Chillynilly and the Scoopy Banoopy.


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During the Final Battle, Snorpy modifies the Trip Shot to create the Trip Drone; a flying, remote controlled, Kweeble-powered Trip Shot used to fight back against the Bugsnax. The Journalist needs to aim and fire while Snorpy pilots it around the field.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Lança-fio
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Lanzacuerdas
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Tiro Ñam
French flag.png French Entraveur
German flag.png German Stolperdraht
Italian flag.png Italian Balestrappola
Polish flag.png Polish Zawadzacz
Russian flag.png Russian Присоскострел
Korean flag.png Korean 철사 덫"
Japanese flag.png Japanese トリップショット
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 绊线

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