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"I'm Triffany Lottablog! You caught me doing some archaeology! Try not to step on the skulls, ya?"

SnaxScope sticker.png An aloof archaeologist. Has a nihilistic streak.
FlooftyHappySticker.png Floofty - "She'd be the perfect science partner if she weren't so horribly cheerful."

Triffany Lottablog is a Grumpus who is a resident of Snaxburg, and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition. Her husband is Wambus Troubleham.

Journal description

An aloof archaeologist. Has a nihilistic streak.

Likes historical fiction, backpacking, and bone puns.

Interview notes

  • Came to Snaktooth to study its lost history.
  • Related to Bronica Lottablog, the famed explorer.
  • Grew distant from Wambus after he refused to move.
  • Thinks Lizbert got trapped after an earthquake.


Triffany is an archaeologist, and is extremely enthusiastic about her work. Her passion for history and discovery easily engrosses her, to the point that she initially prefers to camp at her digsite in Scorched Gorge instead of living in Snaxburg.

Triffany employs "the Lottablog Method" in her work, and while the details of this method are unknown, it is known to be dangerous and unconventional, leading to her commonly needing treatment from Eggabell.

Triffany's love of history comes from her grandmother, explorer Bronica Lottablog, who reportedly "filled up [their] ol’ house with relics and sketches". Triffany will eagerly talk about her findings and theories to anyone who will listen. Despite her overall friendly and cheerful demeanor, however, her archaeological work makes her very conscious of her own mortality, as well as other people's. More than anything, she wants to make her own mark on history and be remembered, like her "gramma".

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Personality Quiz result Triffany.png

You'd rather explore an abandoned mall than a live one. You'd never let a cracked femur sour your mood. You might have literal skeletons in your closet.


Triffany is a green-furred Grumpus with an orange oval nose and light blue eyes.
Her face shape is a neutral mouth position with a pair of small round front teeth and two fangs; the bottom row being in front of the upper row means she has an underbite, despite her face shape not suggesting so.
She wears a khaki pith helmet, and her defining accessory[1] is her beige jacket with three pockets on either side; she has the collar popped and the zipper pulled down slightly.

She carries a skeletal Grumpus arm with her which she pulls out for gesturing, using it as a pointer while speaking.

SnaxScope Quotes

  • Green Crapple: "This one's the exact same color as my gramma!"
  • Grapeskeeto: "The stuff it sucks out is concentrated Snakwater. The more ya know!"
  • Black Lollive: (in reference to its preceding description of “Uses its pimento tongue to snatch up anything cheesy.”) "Oh no, it's comin' for my bone puns!"
  • Sweet Fryder: "Sweeter in flavor, true, but it still acts salty."
  • Nutty Snakpod: "Every time I eat one, I get a bit nutty!"
  • Poptick: "Once you pop, the fun doesn't not start!"[2]
  • Ribblepede: "Makes me wonder how bugsnax came to imitate meat!"
  • Scorpepper: "You could say it's a rather...ghostly pepper?"
  • Tacroach: "Wouldn't it be swell if we had Tacroach Tuesdays?"


  • While it is likely that Bronica Lottablog was green like Triffany, Triffany's quote for the Green Crapple may also be a reference to Granny Smith apples, which it resembles.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Triffany Blogueirilva
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Estrefanía Muchoblog
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Trufina Explorarruina
French flag.png French Triffany Cancanotte
German flag.png German Triffany Grabeviel
Italian flag.png Italian Triffany Lottablog
Polish flag.png Polish Triffany Lottablog
Russian flag.png Russian Триффани Лоттакрофт
Korean flag.png Korean 트리파니 로타블로그
Japanese flag.png Japanese トリファニー ロッタブログ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 蒂凡尼 罗塔博格

References & Notes

  1. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.
  2. reference to the Pringles slogan "Once you pop, the fun don't stop"