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The Triplicate Space is a hidden area behind Grumpbeard's ship, where Floofty took momentary residence.

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Originally, reaching the area would be followed by a respawn and an error message stating: "The Triplicate Space is not yet available to you".[1]

As of the Isle of Bigsnax DLC, the area became accessible when having picked up the Triangle Key from Broken Tooth. After obtaining it, the Journalist receives a letter that suggests to seek out "Grumpbeard" - referencing the ship which the Journalist has learned belonged to Grumpbeard as per Triffany's Side Quest - which has been completed at this point in the game.


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The Triplicate Space was some sort of temple built and used by ancient Grumpuses living on Snaktooth Island. It was likely the work of the Stone Grumps, given its numerous connections to Broken Tooth. The space is designed with a triangle motif, with all halls, doors, and most rooms being triangle-shaped. The two rooms contain statues of the horned Grumpus, which can be rotated to activate mechanisms.

The entrance of the space contains murals relating to the Queen of Bugsnax. One wall depicts a sequence of a sacrificial scene, with a Grumpus being thrown into a hole full of Bugsnax, and being transformed into a Queen. Another wall depicts two Grumpuses, both fully transformed, appearing to be the two Queens mentioned by Jamfoot: one angry with Cheddaboardle Rex features, corresponding to the first, wrathful Queen; and one calm, with features of mainland Bugsnax, corresponding to the second, benevolent Queen. This wall contains an empty space which would have likely contained an image of a third Queen.

Entrance and Center Room

After entering the area, the player is greeted by an old tape recorder, with the mystery Grumpus daring them to go in further for more knowledge regarding the area. The tape in the next room reveals the identity of this Grumpus to be Alegander Jamfoot, who was sent to Snaktooth Island to keep watch over the Triplicate Space in what he suspects is punishment.

The Journalist has access to both the Observation Room (on the left) or the Pendulum Room (on the right) and can complete its tasks in either order. The recordings found are loose in content and do not directly follow up on one another.

Observation Room

This large space holds fourteen Grumpus statues of the same design, seven to each side. Three tapes recorders can be found here, after making all the statues face the same directions, the mid sections triangular windows will fold open to the underwater, showing Megamaki swimming. A new button reveals itself underneath the windows.

Pendulum Room

This large space holds three Grumpus statues of the same design, positioned in a triangle. These statues can be turned and do not affect one another. There is a door at the end of the room that will open if all three statues face it. The room itself is Jamfoot's living space and work room that seems to be a library. The area is full of scroll and books, a flag of Grumpbeard hangs on the wall and necessities such as stacked toiler paper and a bed. On the worktable lie many research and thought notes as well as another tape, where Jamfoot laments their Library Science degree.

In the middle of the room hangs a great pendulum, hollow and diamond shaped, attached to the ceiling which open space through which the light of the full moon enters.[2] The pendulum is affected by a magnetic field that is triggered upon the moving the statues to face the pendulum. If all three statues face the pendulum, it will swing between the three statues. Through this action, The Journalist can venture forth.

Break Room

After having completed the tasks and pressed the buttons in both rooms, the Journalist is able to access the third and final room. It is designed to look like an office' break room, hence the name. The walls are adorned with triangular pin boards where Jamfoot left notes for themself and employee of the month rewards commemorating Jamfoot's dedication, awarded by themself. (The pictures put up are the only imagery of Jamfoot shown in the game.) There is a triangle shaped watercooler with impractical triangle shaped cups.

In the middle of the room sits a triangular table with a cup of coffee - this coffee turns out to be Joey the Cappucceetle, a Bugsnak who Jamfoot considers a friend. and, a tape recorder on a chair next to it. In this final tape recorder, Jamfoot speaks the conclusion to their interview.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Espaço Triplicado
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) El Espacio Triplicado
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) El Espacio Triplicado
French flag.png French La Triangulension
German flag.png German Der Dreifache Raum
Italian flag.png Italian Lo Spazio Triplicato
Polish flag.png Polish Przestrzeń Trójkątyzująca
Russian flag.png Russian Триагональное пространство
Korean flag.png Korean 3중 공간
Japanese flag.png Japanese トリプルスペース
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 三角空间

References & Notes

  1. The original 'Triplicate Space unavailability' message features a black circle with question mark icon. Post-DLC, attempting to access the space without having obtained the key will trigger the same message, now featuring a triangular shape question mark icon.
  2. It does not matter at what day or time you enter the Triplicate Space; it will always be night with a full moon.