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The Isle of BIGsnax is a free DLC expansion released on April 28, 2022. It introduces a new biome, new Bugsnax, additional lore though quests and several loose gimmicks and challenges.


The Isle of BIGsnax is an expansion that can be accessed during the story of Bugsnax. The Journalist, joined by Triffany, Chandlo, Floofty, and Shelda go on an expedition to an island off the coast of Snaktooth, after it emerges from the ocean.

Young Horses states on Twitter it includes:

  • A new biome to explore.
  • A dozen fresh Bugsnax to capture.
  • Over 100 challenges and 30 quests.
  • Nearly 200 decorations to collect and display.



The new island is home to Bugsnax that have not been seen on Snaktooth Island. Triffany hypothesizes that they are an ancient species, and have been preserved at the bottom of the ocean. These Bugsnax include:

  • Bunger Royale, a massive, multi-layered Bunger, with tater tots for horns and legs.
  • Cheddorb, a massive Bugsnak resembling a port wine cheeseball.
  • Millimochi, a worm- or millipede-like Bugsnak resembling mochi.
  • Spaghider, A spider-like Bugsnak with spaghetti legs, fork prong fangs, and a meatball abdomen.
  • Clawbsteroni, a lobster-like Bugsnak made of pasta.
  • Tikkada Masala, a cicada-like Bugsnak resembling tikka with naan wings.
  • Pielobite, a trilobite-like Bugsnak resembling a pecan pie with a cover on it.
  • Chocolant, an ant-like Bugsnak resembling three chocolate chips, found riding upon Cellystix.
  • Cellystix, a stick bug-like Bugsnak resembling celery sticks. Several Chocolant can be seen riding on it.
  • Deviled Eggler, a flying Bugsnak resembling deviled eggs.
  • Cheddaboardle Rex, a massive Legendary Bugsnak resembling a wheel of wax-sealed cheese on a closed platter.

A new item known as Shrink Spice can be used to literally bring these gourmet giants down to size, granted the effects are temporary.


The island holds the secret Triangle Key to open The Triplicate Space, where one elusive Bugsnak rests to be released and roam Snaktooth Island.

  • Cappucceetle, a regular sized elusive Bugsnak resembling a cup of cappuccino.


Main article - Hats

Bugsnax are now able to wear various hats, including those worn by various Grumpuses. These hats are seen on wild Bugsnax as well as on ones in Gramble's ranch. The Hat Board can be used to showcase a selection of 5 hats, even if you have 6 or more.

Hut Customization

"The Journalist's hut" is now finished, and can be customized with various furniture items and decorations. Its exterior can be customized as well, and a second floor is added upon fulfilling a certain amount of requests.



References & Notes

  • For console, Gramble's sleep animation and Fast Travel options were added, which was already available on PC.
  • Broken Tooth, a whole new island that functions as one biome, has been added.
    • 4 quests have been added for the 4 attendees.
  • Eggabell has been given a second interview, which she offers to the Journalist through letter now that she has collected her thoughts. After doing the interview, you will get video diary #0, showing the building of Elizabert and Eggabells house, as well as the naming of Snaxburg
  • The Journalist' Hut has been added, accompanied with customisation options.
  • Mail Quests have been added
  • Hats have been added
  • During Major Celebration, Beffica and Filbo now face each other while dancing, as well as Filbo and Cromdo - where Filbo has been given the 'switch' coding. This only happens when both Beffica and Cromdo have joined the dancefloor. If either of them is the last one to join, Filbo will run off to the top of Liz and Egg's roof and no dancing bit is shown. No further lore is added to explain the connections.
  • In Sizzlin' Sands, the stationary lunchpad now has the object scan attached to it of Snorpy, which is either a mistake or the previously non-scanability was never meant to be "lore".
  • The Journal can appear as a white void while still being interactable. This will likely fix itself after in-game sleep but may also be persistent when staying inside a biome.