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SnaxScope sticker.png Pulls its prey into the canopy with its noodles!
SheldaHappySticker.png Never don't look up.

Spaghider is a giant spider-like Bugsnak resembling spaghetti with a meatball. It is found in Broken Tooth, debuting in The Isle of BIGsnax.


Spaghider is found among the branches of trees. When it takes an interest in something, such as a Snak Trap or Trip Shot or anything covered in cheese, it will use a noodle to grapple it toward itself. A jar of Shrink Spice can be coated in cheese to get Spaghider to grab it and shrink itself. Alternatively, the jar can be launched toward Spaghider using the Lunchpad. You can also cover a Deviled Eggler or a Tikkada Massala in Cheese to get the Spaghider to grapple it, then putting its fire out with a Millimochi Once shrunk, Spaghider can be caught by launching a Snak Trap at it or stunned with the Trip Shot and grabbed with the Snakgrappler.

There are two Spaghiders present; one in the jungle area with Millimochi and another at the ruins roof with the Cellystix. The latter Spaghider holds onto a Deviled Eggler shell, which can be grappled out of its grasp and quickly moved further from its grasp as the Spaghider will just pick it back up otherwise.


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In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Espagaranha
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Esparaña
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Pastaraña
French flag.png French Spagharaignèe
German flag.png German Spaghinne
Italian flag.png Italian Spagheragno
Polish flag.png Polish Spaget
Russian flag.png Russian Лапшескрытень
Korean flag.png Korean 스파거미
Japanese flag.png Japanese スパゲイダー
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 意面蜘蛛

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