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"Move along, interloper! Whatever sort of spy or counteragent you are, I'm not about to fall for your tricks."

WiggleHappySticker.png Wiggle - "Just about the worst hugger I've ever met. And he keeps losing his tracking devices in my hut!"  

Snorpington "Snorpy" Fizzlebean is a Grumpus who was a resident of Snaxburg, and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition.

Journal description

An ingenious introvert inventor, conspiracy theorist.

Likes the indoors, metallurgy, and charts.

Interview notes

  • Brought to the island unwillingly by Chandlo.
  • Loves Chandlo, but is unsure of their relationship status.
  • Rejected Floofty's experiments and fled to the mountains.
  • Knows Lizbert discovered a mysterious door before vanishing.


Snorpy is a conspiracy theorist suspicious of his surroundings and prefers to stay hidden, away from the crowd and away from potential dangers of the Grumpinati spying on him. His introvertedness seems to refer to his desire to stay inside and not interact with too many people - yet all of this ties to his Grumpinati beliefs and not necessarily low energy from social engagement. Doing anything in public occasionally has him loudly speaks small talk in favour of tricking the Grumpinati spies into thinking there is nothing going on and he uses hugs to be able to put tracking devices on people or share secret information. When talking about what interests him he gets very excited.

Snorpy is an engineer and is responsible for all contraptions as well as construction of the entire town together with Chandlo.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Snorpy grumpusquiz.png

You built your own computer out of duct tape and lawnmower parts. You add 'Big' to the front of nouns you don't trust. You can't decide whether you're more afraid of aliens, or your feelings.


Snorpy is a yellow-furred Grumpus with a purple, pear-shaped nose and purple eyes.
His appearance is in contrast with his Sibling Floofty. Their colours are inverted, where Snorpy has the yellow fur and purple nose and Floofty has the purple fur with a yellow nose. Snorpy has extraordinarily long legs whereas Floofty has extraordinarily long arms.
His face shape is an underbite, with two big round teeth sticking out from the jaw and a row of four round uneven upper teeth that overlap over one another.
He has orange locks covered by a red newsboy/flat cap[1] without sewn lines yet still a button on top.
He sports a complex pair of glasses with multiple adjustable lenses/loupes that rest on the side when not in use. Snorpy wears one of these lenses over the main lens in front of his left eye. The upper frame is of a thick black material to carry the weight and can be read as thick eyebrows. He has a strict routine to clean them as noted by Beffica during Imitation Beef Part 2!.
He wears a green apron with black straps and edging that hold three pockets; his left pocket holds three pencils, his left pocket a screwdriver and a wrench and his middle pocket is seemingly empty.
His defining accessories[2] are both his glasses and his apron.

SnaxScope Quotes

  • Daddy Cakelegs: "Is it the Bugsnak's birthday? Is it MY birthday!?"
  • Baby Cakelegs: "Alright, technically it's THEIR birthday."
  • Charmallow: "How'd it get burned? How'd it get buuurned!??"
  • Kwookie: "What I wouldn't give for a Bugsnak made of milk..."
  • Rainbow Sweetiefly: "The rainbow swirls are hypnotic...yes...hypnotic..."
  • Sprinklepede: "Where did the center go? Is there a Sprinklepede Hole running around!?"
  • White Strabby: "Perhaps they stayed indoors for too long?"
  • Tropicabug: (in reference to its preceding description of “Stays hidden forever once scared. Or at least until an aggressive Snak attacks.”) "Wait a minute...that's MY strategy!"
  • Twisty Snakpod: "Hard to say which is more twisted: These Snax or Floofty."


  • Snorpy will mention that his favourite show "Grump Peaks" was cancelled while the player is looking for Daddy Cakelegs, referencing the 90's mystery show "Twin Peaks", which was similarly cancelled.
  • Snorpy's quote for Charmallow is a reference to the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man, a movie which Kevin Zuhn of Young Horses has stated was a point of inspiration for the themes of Bugsnax.
  • When you first encounter Snorpy, his right hand is a Bopsicle stick, and his left foot is a Cinnasnail, showing that he's eaten those Bugsnax recently. This is foreshadowing for the two tools he gives to the player- the Snakgrappler, which is used to catch Cinnasnails, and the Trip Shot, which is used to catch Bopsicles.


References & Notes

  1. A newsboy cap has sewn 'pizza slices' held together by the button on top. A flat cap is without the sewn lines and thus no need for a button.
  2. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.