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Snaxburg is a community settlement in Bugsnax. It lies in the center of Snaktooth Island.

Snaxburg was established by the expedition team; a group of thirteen Grumpuses in their search for new life and research of undiscovered/undocumented life. They left town and scattered around the island after "the fight" shortly after Lizbert went missing; a couple weeks prior to the Journalist's arrival to the island. The Journalist, upon arrival in company of Filbo and Wambus, is introduced to an abandoned village with huts hammered shut - a 'ghost town' as Wambus puts it. As part of their the main quest, the Journalist is set to reunite the town.

Snaxburg contains a few points for the player to interact with, like Gramble's ranch, Wambus' farm and Lizbert/Eggabell's house. Gramble's ranch allows you to donate captured Bugsnax, where they can then be seen outside walking around or inside in little pens.


Donate enough Bugsnax to increase the size of your inventory. Every time you discover a new sauce in the wild, it will then appear in Wambus' farm, allowing easy refill of the Sauce Slinger. Lizbert's house contains clues as to where she might be, and a film projector where the player can lock in the film reels they collect to watch and learn more about the relationship between Lizbert and Eggabell. Smaller, scannable nicknacks can be found in every house, that also provide a little character insight.

Lizbert's invitation video message implies Snaxburg was supposed to be a stable solid town and not merely an expedition camp.

LizbertHappySticker.png My followers and I have started building a new community here. Construction of our settlement is well underway!  
Snaxburg Early Camp Panorama.png

All buildings have a painted door entrance and a stroke of paint on the side on the outside in the color corresponding with the Grumpus living in it with the exception of Shelda who does not do walls. In the left corner of the settlement stands an unfinished hut which Chandlo ever so often is shown to work in. He states to "chill, bro" as "he will finish it soon enough" towards The Journalist who ponders who this hut could be for. While never explicitly stated, this hut was meant for the Journalist[1], likely to 'officially' become part of the community.

Expedition Team / Residents

In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Snaxburgo
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Pueblo Picnic
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Snaxburgo
French flag.png French Snaxburg
German flag.png German Naschingen
Italian flag.png Italian Snaxopoli
Polish flag.png Polish Snaxburg
Russian flag.png Russian Хрумбург
Korean flag.png Korean 스낵스버그
Japanese flag.png Japanese スナックスバーグ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 蛇蛇堡

References & Notes

  1. Pastuffy, the enviroment and UI artist for Bugsnax, confirmed on Reddit that the hut was being built for the journalist.