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Journal sticker.png A device designed by Floofty which can decide the transformations of Grumpuses

"Feed me Strabby. Poke Snaktivator in foot. Foot turns into Strabby."

The Snaktivator is an invention created by Floofty Fizzlebean.

Floofty gives the Snaktivator to the Journalist upon first meeting them in Simmering Springs. Once in possession, they can choose which part of a Grumpus's body will change after eating a Bugsnak.

Later, upon meeting Floofty for the second time in Boiling Bay, they will upgrade the Snaktivator, allowing the player to fully customize a Grumpus with any Bugsnax they have previously eaten.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Snaktivador
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Activador de Meriensectos
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Snaktivador
French flag.png French Snaktivateur
German flag.png German Snaktivator
Italian flag.png Italian Snaktivatore
Polish flag.png Polish Snaktywator
Russian flag.png Russian Нямтиватор
Korean flag.png Korean 스낵 변환기
Japanese flag.png Japanese スナクティベータ―
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 虫虫变形器

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