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FlooftyHappySticker.png Floofty - "You've likely witnessed Grumpus limbs transforming into Bugsnax.
I call this process Snakification."

Snakification is the process of Grumpus limbs and other parts turning into Bugsnax after consumption of the latter. The term was coined by Floofty, who, as a gastroentomologist, studies snakification and further effects on Grumpuses.

The Journalist is allergic to Bugsnax.


Gastro- means anything to do with the digestive process. Entomology is the study of insects[1] and their effects on organisms.

Upon consumption of a Bugsnak, a Grumpus has part of their body change into the likeness of this food - taking the catchphrase "We are what we eat" literally. The expedition team react positively towards their body modifications regardless of the implied impracticality, as Filbo already managed to set Snaxburg on fire due to his "weenie hands". Whether the Grumpus body actually changes to the extent it visually is presented is held vague, as Chandlo still speaks of his biceps bursting at a point where it does not seem he would have muscle anymore. Snorpy believes that snakified teeth grant immunity to cavities. Floofty states the snakification does not make their body feel any different. Regardless, Cromdo (who has no scientific hypothesis for his theories) assumed his feet would be durable for the hot sand were they made of popsicles. Snakification would eventually wear off after some time.


Snakification progress first takes over the limbs and then moves over to the face area; the nose, teeth, sides of the head (suggesting horns), the top of the head and finally the full torso. The overall shape of the Grumpus remains the same and one accessory is left as an identifier - this identifier being torso related as the Grumpuses that wear headgear will lose it upon snakification of the top of their head. No Grumpus wears sleeves or pants, allowing any snakified parts to remain fully visible.

Floofty created the Snaktivator, a tool that helps guide the snak particles to a certain body part for controlled change. It is however still limited by the course of the spread, meaning one cannot skip the limbs to go for the torso. If an already snakified part is snakified, that part's snakification will move to the next available part, showing that snakification is something that spreads over the body and cannot be bypassed in such a way.

In their studies, Floofty found that Bugsnax as creatures are all one and the same, and capable of "memory". This means snakified body parts can take on the form of fellow Bugsnax that are present in the Grumpus body, as well as "remember" the whole shape of the body, meaning a lost limb can be replaced by a Bugsnak limb. This way, one can consume various Bugsnax and then alter the body to a single type of snax. There is no further use to these findings other than gameplay value by creating more freedom and ease with the customization.

While Snakification eventually wears off, the gameplay keeps the characters the way you shaped them in the assumption the customization as is would be a desired look. There is no possibility to unsnakify or wait it out during normal gameplay.

Fully transforming a Grumpus gains the achievement "I'm Stuffed". Floofty's final quest specifically requests this.

Gramble and Shelda can only be fed in alternative ways:

Feed Gramble:
Gramble sleepwalks every night after 00:00am. The player can feed him Bugsnax by interacting with him while he is sleepwalking.

Feed Shelda:
If the player donates Bugsnax in Shelda's box in her pavilion, she will eat them if the player skips some time by sleeping in a bed.

The game has no animation that shows Shelda having a feast on the donations in the box.

If the player tries to sneak behind her, she may stuck in front of the stairs to her pavilion, if she wants to sleep, and if the player goes close to her in this situation, she says "the one can see you" and walks up to her "sleep-meditation"-place and stays there until early morning without any interaction with the box.

After they have been transformed with two or more different Bugsnax, the player will have the option to snaxperiment on them normally.


References & Notes

  1. In the case of Bugsnax, "bugs" refers to not only insects, but a wide range of invertebrates