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Sizzlin' Sands is a desert location on Snaktooth Island past Scorched Gorge.

The Bugsnax native to this area are mostly savoury foods; salty and spicy and are predominantly aggressive. On top of a singular stone structure grow Cheese sauce plants which is only reachable by use of the Snakgrappler. Chocolate sauce plants grow in the cold underground. In the center of the map lies an oasis.

The Sizzlin' Sands have many leftovers of ancient Grumpus settlement that continue from what is found in Scorched Gorge with the idolatry of the Mothza Supreme, the latter native to the Sizzlin' Sands and the boss battle in Cromdo's final quest.

The Sizzlin' Sands are connected to the Boiling Bay. On the left side of the map from the entrance are four Incherrito statues. Interacting with them so that they face each other in a circle (with the last one pointing towards the nearby cave) will open the path to Boiling Bay (awarding the achievement "That Reminds Me of A Puzzle" in the process). Alternatively, this path can be opened from the opposite side by interacting with four Cocomite statues in order of fewest to most straws.


After the events of "Break Time!", The Journalist sets of to retrieve Shelda, Floofty and Eggabell. Shelda's area would have been accessible earlier had the bridge Cromdo sold not broke down upon purchase. Chandlo, who explicitly aids The Journalist in their quest, went to Scorched Gorge to fix the bridge. Even though the bridge is "The Journalist's property" after bartering it from Cromdo, he still tried to make more money off of it.

ChandloHappySticker.png Hey, Bro! Just got done fixin' up the old bridge. Woulda done it sooner but Cromdo wanted me to pay HIM for the Rights of Repair. Whatever that means. Anyway, no need to thank me. Just go find Shelda, alright?

Local Bugsnax

In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Areias Chiantes
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Arenas Chisporroteantes
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Arenas Chisporroteantes
French flag.png French Dunes sablées
German flag.png German Sengender Sand
Italian flag.png Italian Sabbie Sfrigolanti
Polish flag.png Polish Piekące Piaski
Russian flag.png Russian Пески прожарки
Korean flag.png Korean 지글지글 모래사장
Japanese flag.png Japanese シズリング・サンズ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 铁板沙滩

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