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Side Quests

The Side Quests are an optional yet vital type of Quest in which The Journalist goes a step further in getting to know the expedition team and their relationships to one another.

The side quests' leading topic are the individual issues of the characters. The Journalist helps the characters in the pursuit of their goals to their best ability, which involves catching a lot of Bugsnax, of course.

Due to their optional nature, side quests of different characters do not intertwine with one another, do not require to be finished to trigger other side quests or events and are not acknowledged to have happened after they are finished. Finishing the side quests will not trigger tidbit dialog from the characters and they neither approach The Journalist in a different tone that would imply closeness.

The character whose side quest is finished is invincible during Escape From Snaktooth. It is not elaborated on why that is story-wise, but on a meta level it is the closest to a 'reward' the game offers for the effort. The characters can survive by the player's skill alone. Not having finished the side quests will not affect what the characters state in their Reflections.

FilboHappySticker.png Hey Buddy, glad you're here. I've been talking to the other Grumpuses, and I think they could use your help. Not just with chores and stuff, but, y'know...personal issues? *sighs* I-it can be hard dealing with your problems alone, y'know? It won't get you closer to Lizbert, but...it'd mean a lot if you could help the others.

According to the Story, all characters have a "feeling" Bugsnax can directly help them with their problems and their desperation makes them crave them more. However, not all characters require eating Bugsnax to solve their problems and instead it's more of a social activity. It is stated several times that Bugsnax are the main food source (Sauce second) thusly what would make it alarming is rendered to a bare necessity. All side quest's conclusions end on a sour note where the characters have to accept failure, seemingly making the situation worse for them. The Journalist involvement ends on that note with them as well.

Side Quest exclusive tracks

No. TitleMusicIn-Game Length
1. "Charwee's Day Out"  Gramble's Side Quest 1:11
2. "Cromdo's Caper"  Cromdo's Side Quest 0:42
3. "Mama Mewon's Lair"  Boss Mama Mewon 2:39
4. "Megamaki Attack"  Boss Megamaki 3:18
5. "Mothza Supreme Descends"  Boss Mothza Supreme 3:46
6. "Cakequake!"  Boss Daddy Cakelegs 3:02