WambusHappySticker.png Only criminals would put ketchup on a Weenyworm!  

Shy Weenyworm is a worm-like Bugsnak resembling a Chicago-style hot dog. It is found in Scorched Gorge.


Shy Weenyworms can only be found in the hidden burial chamber, accessed by getting a Spuddy to destroy a cracked wall. Two Shy Weenyworms lurk within, squirming slowly along small round paths. They can be captured simply by putting a Snak Trap in their path and waiting for them to enter its range. Though they like cheese sauce, they do not actively seek it out, so it is not useful for luring them.

The easiest and fastest way to catch Shy Weenyworm is to weaponize their hatred of ketchup. If one is covered in ketchup, the other will instantly dash into it and knock it out, making it vulnerable to capture in the Bug Net.

Shy Weenyworm can also be lured with ketchup, but this is more difficult: these Weenyworms hate ketchup, and while they will chase down a ketchup-covered trap, they will attack it and send it flying. If using ketchup as bait, the player must be fast, and close the trap after Shy Weenyworm has entered its range, but before it can knock it away.

Shy Weenyworm can also be captured by getting a Spuddy to charge into it, allowing it to be caught in the Bug Net.

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  • Shy Weenyworm is based on the style of hot dog popular in Chicago, where Young Horses is based. The "Shy" in its name may come from the "Chi" in "Chicago".
    • Its hatred of ketchup, as well as Wambus' quote, refer to the very strong opinion some have that ketchup does not belong on a hot dog, especially a Chicago-style one.
  • Shy Weenyworm's movement is based on that of a snake.[1]

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