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Sherbie is a worm-like Bugsnak resembling a series of three sherbet scoops, with a wafer cone as a "nose". It is found in Boiling Bay.


Sherbie can be found burrowing in the sand around a patch of grass, at the furthest point of Boiling Bay. If approached, Sherbie will attack by flinging scoops of sherbet, which will freeze the player on contact. In order to catch Sherbie, its frosty armor must be thawed. This can be done by having it come into contact with a flaming Trip Shot, or the nearby lava flow. Sherbie can then be caught in the Bug Net.

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  • Gramble's description is a reference to the movie The Love Bug, which focuses on a sentient car named Herbie.
  • Originally, a Grumpus transformed by Sherbie would display waffle cones for certain parts, like those of Scoopy. This was fixed in an update, where the transformations now correctly display wafer cones.

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