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Journal sticker.png Get Bugsnax to notice each other by saucing them or lob a few at the ground to get their attention.

The Sauce Slinger is a tool the player receives from Wambus during the tutorial to help with luring a stray Bunger into a pen.

It is a slingshot used to launch the various Sauces that can be found around Snaktooth Island. Many Bugsnax have a favorite sauce that can be used as bait, while others may dislike certain sauces and react with hostility. Sauces can be splattered onto any dry surface, or directly onto a Bugsnak, Grumpus, or interactive object. The Sauce Slinger has a wide variety of uses. If an aggressive Bugsnak sees its favorite sauce coating another Bugsnak, it will attack it, leaving that Snak vulnerable to capture without the use of any other tools. Alternatively, the sauce-hating nature of a Sodie can be taken advantage of by creating a trail of sauce for the Sodie to follow, luring it to a spicy Snak it can extinguish. The true potential of the Sauce Slinger, however, comes from using it together with other tools:

  • Sauce can be used to lure a Bugsnak directly into the range of a Snak Trap.
  • The Buggy Ball can be coated in sauce, and used as a mobile lure for Bugsnax while requiring only one bottle of sauce.
  • The Lunchpad can be coated in sauce to lure Bugsnax on top of it, allowing them to be launched.
  • The Trip Shot can be coated in sauce to directly lure Bugsnax into colliding with it.
Tool Info
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WambusHappySticker.png It slings sauces!  
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Get Bugsnax to notice each other by saucing them or lob a few at the ground to get their attention.


The Sauce Slinger may seem redundant as objects can be thrown simply by paw. The difference is that there will always be a curve trajectory and a lack of speed. The Sauce Slinger has higher projectile speed, 'reload' and a direct straight trajectory aim. The Sauce Slinger is limited to Sauces as projectiles. Rocks cannot be carried, only physically picked up and one at a time, and thus cannot function as munition.

Despite its speed, it is not able to lock onto anything long enough, which otherwise would allow the aim to be adjusted to the movement, which the Lunchpad can do.

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During the end of the game, during the invasion of Snaxburg by hostile Bugsnax, the Sauce Slinger is used to defend Wambus and Triffany from Bungers and Spuddies. Slinging the irresistible Special Sauce at the hostile Snax will cause them to attack and destroy each other over it.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Snakilingue
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Lanzador de Salsa
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Tirasalsas
French flag.png French Lance-sauce
German flag.png German Soßenschleuder
Italian flag.png Italian Salsafionda
Polish flag.png Polish Sos-proca
Russian flag.png Russian Соусная рогатка
Korean flag.png Korean 소스 새총
Japanese flag.png Japanese ソース・スリンガー
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 酱汁投掷器

References & Notes

  • The Sauce Slinger is used to attain the "Say Cheese!" achievement, for which a Grumpus must be covered in cheese, and then scanned with the SnaxScope.
  • It is called "Slingshot" in the files.