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Sandopede is a centipede-like Bugsnak resembling the end of a submarine sandwich, with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickle for filling, and slices of yellow bell peppers for legs. It is found in Flavor Falls.

Sandopedes travel as a collective unit, with a Sandopede on each end and two Sub Sandopedes in between.


Two Sandopedes can be found sandwiching two Sub Sandopedes as the four Bugsnax charge around every area of Flavor Falls aside from the caves. While it won't go out of its way to hit the player, it makes sure to send them flying if the player happens to find themself in Sandopede's path which can make for a nice shortcut to the upper part of Flavor Falls. If Sandopede finds itself off track, whether from a detour to have a taste of cheese or ranch, or from the player launching it with the Lunchpad, Sandopede will swiftly find its way back, undeterred.

To capture Sandopede, the player must trip it using the Trip Shot, after which Sandopede will break into its four parts ready for collecting. Alternatively, the player can attempt to get an Inchwrap and Sandopede to collide which can lead to the Sandopede being stunned. This is useful if the player wishes to catch Sandopede before obtaining the Trip Shot.

If any segments of the full Sandopede are captured, the remaining segments will regroup and continue to march around normally.

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Default Cry
Excited Reaction
Hard Landing
On Fire


  • When a Sandopede is broken up, the back end segment is the only one that does not have eyes. This is true even if the first three segments are captured: the final segment will continue charging along the path, with no eyes.

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