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Main Quests

The Main Quests are a type of Quest in which The Journalist explores Snaktooth Island to find and meet the scattered expedition members and convince them to go back to Snaxburg.

Filbo explicitly asks the Journalist to do so, assuming the members have valuable information which might help in finding Lizbert. The Journalist explicitly needs to interview Lizbert as per demand from their boss Clumby or they might lose their job.[1]Finishing the Main Quests and Interviews are necessary for completing Lizbert Goes Missing, which is both the full story as it is Lizbert's Main Quest.

Since the events of The Fight after Lizbert's disappearance, each member has left town either out of safety, mental health or to escape the consequences of their own actions. Filbo left in an attempt to find Lizbert. Though unsuccessful, he did find the Journalist, or rather, the Journalist found him.
The individual reasons for parting ways are elaborated on in the Interviews, which are held after their Main Quest and have returned to Snaxburg. The Main Quests do not mention these reasons and are not "solved" nor "concluded" upon their return. Instead, The Journalist is put on often odd tasks by the members in their own interest and benefit. The community remains comically unstable throughout the rest of the story.

While not explicitly stated in-game, the Trailer audio has Filbo speak of The Journalist as the replacement of Lizbert in the Bugsnax catching task and this being the way to get the Expedition Team back. While all Main Quest tasks involve the Bugsnak catching, none of the characters ever note the role of the Journalist in the regard on Lizbert.


After a set "wave" of members return, a Story Event becomes available that opens the possibility to reach new locations and get the next wave to return and so on. Every inner biome hosts two expedition members and every outer biome hosts one. Most members' quest involve giving the Journalist a new Tool that will aid them in catching Bugsnax.

Member Tool Biome type Location
FilboHappySticker.pngFilbo Snak Trap Outer Biome Flavor Falls
WambusHappySticker.pngWambus Sauce Slinger & Bug Net Inner Biome Garden Grove
BefficaHappySticker.pngBeffica Journal Inner Biome Garden Grove
GrambleHappySticker.pngGramble Buggy Ball Inner Biome Simmering Springs
WiggleHappySticker.pngWiggle Signed Photo (no use) Inner Biome Simmering Springs
TriffanyHappySticker.pngTriffany Inner Biome Scorched Gorge
CromdoHappySticker.pngCromdo Lunchpad (Snorpy's and/or Liz's) Inner Biome Scorched Gorge
ChandloHappySticker.pngChandlo Snakgrappler (Snorpy's) Inner Biome Sugarpine Woods
SnorpyHappySticker.pngSnorpy Trip Shot Inner Biome Sugarpine Woods
SheldaHappySticker.pngShelda Outer Biome Sizzlin' Sands
FlooftyHappySticker.pngFloofty Snaktivator Outer Biome Boiling Bay
EggabellHappySticker.pngEggabell Outer Biome Frosted Peak

Journal entries

Quest Pin sticker.png
Gone Home!

Filbo offered to lead me back to Lizbert's camp, so I suppose I'll follow him for now. I wonder what I'll find when we get there...


Objectives: Follow Filbo to Snaxburg.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Wambus Back to Snaxburg!

Wambus chose a poor place to farm. He seems to know this, but he needs an extra push to get moving.


Objectives: Convince him to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Beffica back to Snaxburg!

Beffica is a bad combination of bored and mischevious. If I can keep her entertained, she may come home.


Objectives: Convince her to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Gramble Back to Snaxburg!

Gramble seems soft-hearted and defensive. He certainly loves Bugsnax. I will have to reunite him with his pets before he'll come home.


Objectives: Convince Gramble to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Wiggle Back to Snaxburg!

Wiggle seems desperate for creativity and Snax. I can certainly provide the latter.


Objectives: Convince her to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Triffany Back to Snaxburg!

Triffany strikes me as aloof. I don't think she'll consider coming back until her research is finished.


Objectives: Convince her to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Cromdo Back to Snaxburg!

Cromdo is quite the capitalist. I might have to play along with his schemes to get him home.


Objectives: Convince him to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Chandlo Back to Snaxburg!

Chandlo is fit and a bit arrogant. He seems too devoted to his work and to Snorpy to come home.


Objectives: Convince him to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Snorpy Back to Snaxburg!

Snorpy is talented but paranoid. It seems I will have to assuage his fears to get him to leave his cabin.


Objectives: Convince him to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Shelda Back to Snaxburg!

Shelda is shrouded in mystic gibberish. Whatever reason she has for staying out here, I'll need to decipher her riddles to get her home.


Objectives: Convince her to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Floofty Back to Snaxburg!

Floofty is dedicated to their work. They won't leave until I help them with whatever dreadful experiments they've concocted.


Objectives: Convince them to go home.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Help Eggabell!

Eggabell is trying to find Lizbert and insists on going it alone. Regardless, I'm here to help.


Objectives: Try to convince her to go home.

References & Notes

  1. The Journalist's own (emotional) involvement is kept vague for "relatability freedom" and is up for player's interpretation.