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The Interviews, referred to as Everybody Talks, are a special type of Quest in which The Journalist has a one-on-one with every expedition team member, aimed to aid the Journalist in their journey to unraffle the mystery of Elizabert Megafig's disappearance and the nature of Bugsnax. Only with the input of the whole expedition team can the Journalist puzzle the pieces together, return back home as a GNN reporter, write a groundbreaking article and keep their job.

Interviews take place after a character's Main Quest where they return to Snaxburg - the town being the location where the interviews are held, with exception of the first interview and the final pair of interviewees.

The first interview[1] with the Journalist's boss Clumby Clumbernut is held in a regular conversation format, unrecorded and not listed in the Journal as an Interview entry, as this Journal is only received when arriving to Snaktooth Island and being gifted the Journal by Beffica.

The Journalist has a recording device with them that allows them to record their interviews. Together with the SnaxScope, these are the start-off tools the Journalist has on them for their work. Having interviewed everyone results in the Talkin' Bout Bugsnax trophy which depicts the recording device.

The format of every interview has five base questions which need to be answered for the Quest to be considered completed.

  • Who are you?
  • Why come to Snaktooth island?
  • Thoughts on Bugsnax?
  • Why did you leave town?
  • Any info on Lizbert?

Any additional questions are the Journalist going into the answers given and allows for more insight in the characters. Only during the interview can the recorded audio be listened to. Once ending the interview, one cannot redo the interview nor is there a recording or written text found in the Journal.

References & Notes

  1. "Interview Clumby!" is listed as such in the text files (Quests: Interview Quest)