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Journal sticker.png This board shows a picture of where a hat was last sighted! There are also hooks for displaying a few of the Snak Hats in your collection.
SnaxScope sticker.png Bugsnax are sometimes seen wearing hats that Grumpuses have left behind! Consult the Hat Board for hints of any active hat sightings.

The Hat Board is a management/inventory tool[1], situated at Gramble's Barn, that indicates where a hat was last spotted through showing a painting of a biome.

There at hooks attached to the underside of the board, displaying up to 5 hats - shown in proper Grumpus hat size. The full inventory is shown when interacting with a Bugsnak in the dress-up section. There are 24 hats in total.

It can only be used at Gramble's Barn, where the roaming or stalled Bugsnax can be given a hat. Which Bugsnax are displayed depends on the variation in donation and refreshes upon leaving and entering Snaxburg but what "spot" has which hat worn remains memorized by the game. The hat is thus tied to a "spot" and not the Bugsnak wearing it.


Trap Explosion sticker.png New Snak Hat - You got a Snak Hat! Visit Gramble's barn to put hats on donated Snax!

Hats are collectable dress-up accessories for Bugsnax, found scattered around Snaktooth Island.

The hats are encountered by spotting them worn by Bugsnax in the wild who picked them up. When caught, the hat will be automatically added to the inventory. The hats can be put on donated Bugsnax inside the Barn. The same hat can be put on multiple Bugsnax at the same time and the hats alter in size per Bugsnax. (Albeit not logical or "lore befitting", the addition for this dress-up option is a gimmick only for decorative purposes and logic can be disposed for aesthetic.)

There is a randomized change a hat is present in a biome and if there is, it will be the only hat found on that map. The type of hat is not tied to the location it is found in and you cannot find duplicates.

The hats are a gimmick with little to no tie-in to the story. No character in the game nor the Journalist themself in their journal note of the hat collecting efforts. Nor is the Hat Board mentioned or provided by any expedition team member.

Hats are non-scannable and not described or managed in the Journal, hence their origin is not always obvious. All that is noted is them belonging to Grumpuses and this does not have to be solely the Expedition Team. Found hats that do definitely belong to Expedition Team members are not returned to them as some unanimously agreed concept of 'finders keepers'.

Hat Collection


Biome Paintings

In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Quadro de chapéus
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Tablón de sombreros
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Tablón de sombreros
French flag.png French Panneau des chapeaux
German flag.png German Huttafel
Italian flag.png Italian Bacheca dei copricapo
Polish flag.png Polish Tablica czapeczek
Russian flag.png Russian Шляпная доска
Korean flag.png Korean 모자 게시판
Japanese flag.png Japanese ハットボード
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 帽子面板

References & Notes

  1. Despite being a tool, it is an odd categorisation of one, as it is the only tool not taken into the field nor actively gifted by the expedition team, or rather; there is no indication as to where the tool came from. By its logic, the Donation Box of Gramble or the Mailbox should also be considered a tool.
  2. The Sticker depicts what seems to be Garden Grove and has the Top Hat dangling from a hook.