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"I've been trying to breed Bugsnax together. It's been real tricky 'cause they don't got any obvious, um... bits to 'em?"

EggabellHappySticker.png Eggabell - "You want me to diagnose Gramble!? I'm a doctor, not a therapist."  

Gramble Gigglefunny is a Grumpus who is a resident of Snaxburg, and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition. After the Grumpuses had their great falling out, Gramble set camp in the Simmering Springs area to live with his Bugsnax.

Journal description

A passionate pet lover. Runs the Bugsnak ranch.

Likes collecting things, knitting sweaters, and giving biiig hugs.

Interview notes

  • Came to Snaktooth looking to become part of a new family.
  • Deeply uncomfortable talking about his past.
  • Fled Snaxburg to keep his Snax safe from Wambus.
  • Swears he sees Lizbert watching him late at night.


Gramble is interested in Bugsnax as companions rather than food, opting to raise them as pets and try and train them instead. He has successfully trained a Strabby, named Sprout, to follow a laser pointer, and is also interested in breeding Snax, but has not quite figured out how they reproduce.

He struggles with abandonment issues, telling the player that he needed a new family after his old one left. Gramble gets worried easily and tends to jump to conclusions. He also refuses to consciously eat Bugsnax, unable to understand how the other Grumpuses can do so. This causes serious tension between him and Wambus, who calls him a "weepy little rancher".

Gramble also appears to be romantically interested in Wiggle, although he struggles to understand her at times and isn't sure whether she actually likes him back, or just wants his Snax.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Gramble grumpusquiz.png

You've named every stray cat within five miles. You refuse to throw away old phones because you feel bad for them. You cry the second you see somebody else cry.


Gramble is a short pink-furred Grumpus with a cyan, gumdrop-shaped nose and cyan eyes.
His face shape is a neutral mouth position with a pair of big round front teeth and two smaller round teeth, the below row three round teeth with the middle one sticking out more.
His most iconic feature is his hat, a red beanie modeled after a Strabby but this is not his defining accessory. His defining accessory[1] is his turquoise argyle sweater vest.
He has long arms, perfect for hugging, and when walking he holds them up to his body.

SnaxScope Quotes

  • Chillynilly: "I tried to hug one but it gave me the cold shoulder."
  • Crapple: "I've been calling it Crapple!"
  • Kweeble: "I can't decide whether Kweeble or Strabby is cuter!"
  • Golden Kweeble: "Different color means it's special! Catch it catch it catch it catch it!!"
  • Orange Peelbug: "Don't startle 'em too much, okay?"
  • Ruby Peelbug: "No matter how much you try, you can't get blood out of a Peelbug."
  • Pinkle: "I tried to hug one but it was too jarring!"
  • Razzby: "*sighs* Nobody else wants to call it 'Strabbeach'..."
  • Sherbie: "The love bug!"[2]
  • Sodie D: "We got Sodie, Peelbugs, purple stuff and... two kinds of Sodie D!"[3]


  • After helping Gramble he'll give the Journalist a Diary Key.
  • He is a sleep walker and this makes way for an opportunity to feed him which he would otherwise not consent to. This comes with the achievement "Midnight Snak" trophy.
  • He knits his own clothes, as well as the blanket on his bed.
  • Once Gramble returns to Snaxburg, the player can donate Bugsnax to his barn instead of feeding them to other Grumpuses. Donating a certain amount of Snax will progressively expand the player's inventory space, and will reward the "In the Arms of the Gramble" trophy once it is maxed out.
  • He named his Kweebles Charwee, Ashwee, and Joewee. Of the three, Charwee is his favorite, and is described as filling the void left when Gramble gave Sprout to the player.
  • Other Bugsnax he owned were named Manny (presumably a Preying Picantis donated by the player, 'Manny' being short for 'Mantis'), Banatalie (presumably a Scoopy Banoopy donated by the player, since it's a banana split), and Steve (presumably an Orange Peelbug, as this is the only other Bugsnak present when he calls out these three names).
  • Gramble's description of the Golden Kweeble may be a reference to shiny Pokémon, individual monsters with a different coloration than normal. Due to their extreme rarity shiny Pokémon are highly sought after.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Gramble Risadílson
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Bondoso Risitas
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Pepenillo Risitas
French flag.png French Gramble Dodeluquet
German flag.png German Gramble Grabschgut
Italian flag.png Italian Gramble Gigglefunny
Polish flag.png Polish Gramble Gigglefunny
Russian flag.png Russian Грэмбл Хохотунчик
Korean flag.png Korean 그램블 기글퍼니
Japanese flag.png Japanese グランブル ギグルファニー
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 格兰博 吉古凡尼

References & Notes

  1. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.
  2. reference to the movie The Love Bug, which focuses on a sentient car named Herbie.
  3. reference to one of Sunny D's commercials "We got Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, and 2 kinds of Sunny D!"