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Garden Grove is a small, forested area on Snaktooth Island between Flavor Falls and Snaxburg. Wambus and Beffica can be found here for the first time, the former trying to farm sauce and the latter living in a nearby cave.

Ketchup can be found growing here.


Situated at the base of the mountain, the Garden Grove is a small tiered grotto with rocky walls and many Hiding Bushes and Hiding trees.

The entrance from Flavor Falls leads to a small fenced-off farm constructed by Wambus, featuring a few Ketchup plants and Bugsnax planted into the ground. There is a small circular corral nestled into the cliff, while a Grumpus shaped scarecrow watches over the farm.

The farm leads to the lower portion of the area via a cave-like slope, with tangled tree branches to dodge around. The lower portion is mostly flat, with a river splitting it in half. Under the farm is a small cave with ancient murals painted on the wall.

Connecting the lower portion to the cliff leading to Snaxburg is a wooden bridge, which is sloppily completed by a fallen log. At the top of the cliff is Beffica's leafy cave home, featuring a sleeping bag, a shelf with multiple books and a messy drawing of a Weenyworm on the wall.

Local Bugsnax

There are 9 species of Bugsnax to find in Garden Grove.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Arvoredo Campesino
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Bosquecillo del Jardín
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Bufé de Jardín
French flag.png French Forêt aux mille feuilles
German flag.png German Haingarten
Italian flag.png Italian Boschetto
Polish flag.png Polish Ustronie Uprawne
Russian flag.png Russian Ароматная роща
Korean flag.png Korean 정원 수풀
Japanese flag.png Japanese ガーデン・グローブ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 格罗夫花园

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