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Journal sticker.png This frigid mountaintop resembles a menacing tooth. Only the coldest and hardiest of Bugsnax can tolerate its bitter chill!

Frosted Peak is a snowy location on Snaktooth Island, accessible via Sugarpine Woods, found on the higher part of a mountain on Snaktooth Island.

This ice-cold mountain peak is home to several cold and sweet Bugsnax, and in contrast to this, fiery Stewdlers roam the two caves of the mountain.

Several Peanut Butter plants can be found here, as with Sugarpine Woods.

Points of Interest

Cave #1

One of the two caves of the peak, found on the second level of the peak. Eggabell is found here for the first time.

A Stewdler can be found roaming inside the cave. This cave's main attraction are the frozen Bugsnax inside of it, and most of the Bugsnax found frozen here are not native to Frosted Peak. These Bugsnax can be thawed by luring the Stewdler to them using hot sauce, or running into them while on fire. It can also be done by attaching a flaming Trip Shot wire to them.

These Bugsnax include Preying Picantis, Spuddy, Charmallow, Eggler (in its shell), Pinkle, and Aggroll. Aggroll can only be found in this specific area.

A Melty Snakpod resides on the ceiling of the cave. It can easily be caught with the Snakgrappler.

This is the first location for the battle with Daddy Cakelegs, and Baby Cakelegs can also be found here after Daddy Cakelegs is defeated.

The Door

This may count as a cave, but the door is the main thing. This area is found by following the path left from the lake near the entrance. there are multiple statues, needed for a quest. it is also where Eggabell has set up camp in an 'eggloo'. this area also has the Snaxsquatch, residing on a rock behind the 'eggloo' at night.


Eggabell has spent her time up here trying to get into the door, and needs your help doing it. first catch the Bugsnax the statues represent, then feed it to them. This is easily found out by scanning the statues. You only need to feed three. After this, go round up Filbo, to perform the final step, though it fails.


As per The Isle of BIGsnax, a new biome image was added, showing the area somewhat clearer. The painting for the Hat Board does not base itself on this image.



In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Pico Glaceado
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Cumbre Glaseada
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Cumbre Glaseada
French flag.png French Mont-blanc
German flag.png German Zuckergussgipfel
Italian flag.png Italian Cima Glassata
Polish flag.png Polish Słodki Szczyt
Russian flag.png Russian Морозильный пик
Korean flag.png Korean 얼어붙은 봉우리
Japanese flag.png Japanese フロステッド・ピーク
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 冰霜山峰

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