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Journal sticker.png Two rushing waterfalls carve through this rocky valley. Fresh Bugsnax of many different flavors find their way here!

Flavor Falls is a forest area located at the South-East outermost edge of Snaktooth Island. It functions as an outer biome with Garden Grove being the inner biome. Ranch Dressing grows here.

The Journalist arrives at this area where they meet Filbo Fiddlepie, learns Bugsnax are not a hoax, catches their first Bugsnak and is confronted with Snakification.


The Journalist arrives at the outskirts of Flavor Falls and is knocked out of their airship by Mothza Supreme. Their ship continues its non-piloted journey over Flavor Falls, to Garden Grove and eventually crashes in Snaxburg.

The Journalist landed on an outer cliff with what seems to be a mine. Underneath this cliff, numerous shipwrecks are stranded. The mine entrance has Stone Grump age Bugsnax statues on each side. Within the mines rests a lone Grumpus skeleton of relatively modern age.

SnaxScope sticker.png Mysterious Skeleton
This skeleton is years old...who was this?

When facing the other end of the mines, it is barricaded and the low entrance/exit shows the shadows of curious Bugsnax (Fryders,Strabbys) making a run for it. Next to this exit, signs are placed with vague warnings. Supposedly the Grumpus inside the cave has put these up.

SnaxScope sticker.png Warning Sign
How strange. I doubt Lizbert made these.

When exiting the mines, an earthquake happens and the ground partially collapses, taking a Bugsnax statue with it. A long wooden bridge separates this section from the rest of Flavor Falls. The Journalist is confronted with another earthquake when walking over the bridge, making it collapse and the Journalist performing a final jump for safety. As of this collapse, the mines are now closed off from the rest of the island and no long accessible.

The Journalist ventures forth, hearing movement in the bushes all around them but observing nothing. They come across a ledge and see Mothza Supreme once again flying over the area. Another earthquake takes place, making the wooden platform underneath the Journalist collapse, causing them to drop them and lose consciousness on collision with the ground.


Facing the North, Frosted Peak towers over Flavor Falls. It is where the forest receives its sweet water resource (due to snow melting and trickling down) that spreads over the rest of Snaktooth Island and back into the ocean.

Flavor Falls is named for its two distinctive waterfalls, running parallel to each other and creating a small river running through the area. There are a few ancient statues of local Bugsnax and Grumpuses scattered around various cave systems. Two cliffs create a small valley where you can walk through to get to the exit, leading towards Garden Grove.

There is a cliff partially blocked by branches which you can crawl under, leading to a small room with a pond, multiple statues and patches of Caramel Goop.

You can walk through the left waterfall to climb up onto a small cliff with a few trees and hiding bushes. There is a bridge crossing the gap to another cliff, leading to a cave which is blocked off by an ancient stone door. This cliff also has a small burrow that the Buggy Ball can fit through.

As per The Isle of BIGsnax, a new biome image was added, showing the area somewhat clearer. The painting for the Hat Board bases itself on this image. Additionally a separate biome image for the Tutorial and the Finale were added.

Local Bugsnax

There are 13 species of Bugsnak found in Flavor Falls.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Cachocheira
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Cataratas Condimento
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Cataratas Sabor
French flag.png French Chutes d'Oalabouche
German flag.png German Wassermelonenfälle
Italian flag.png Italian Cascate del Gusto
Polish flag.png Polish Wykwintne Wodospady
Russian flag.png Russian Пряные потоки
Korean flag.png Korean 맛있는 폭포
Japanese flag.png Japanese フレーバー・フォールズ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 风味瀑布

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