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Flavor Falls is the first location on Snaktooth Island that you will discover after crashing onto the isle. Filbo is encountered here for the first time, lying down on the floor in pain.

Ranch Dressing can be found growing here.


Flavor Falls is named for its two distinctive waterfalls, running parallel to each other and creating a small river running through the area. There are numerous ancient statues of local Bugsnax and Grumpuses scattered around various cave systems. Two cliffs create a small valley where you can walk through to get to the exit, leading towards Garden Grove. It is initially blocked off by large bushes.

There is a cliff partially blocked by branches which you can duck under, leading to a small room with a pond, multiple statues and patches of Caramel Goop.

You can walk through the left waterfall to climb up onto a small cliff with a few trees and Hiding bushes. There is a bridge crossing the gap to another cliff, leading to a cave which contains an ancient stone door. This cliff also has a small burrow that the Buggy Ball can fit through.

Local Bugsnax

There are 13 species of Bugsnak found in Flavor Falls.