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"I'm Filbo Fiddlepie! I'm the, uh... mayor around here."

SnaxScope sticker.png The self-appointed Mayor. He seems to be trying his best.
BefficaHappySticker.png Beffica - "Personality Type: Squeeb. Skills: None. Friends: None. Also he's a terrible leader."

Filbo Fiddlepie is the mayor of Snaxburg on Snaktooth Island, second-in-command to Lizbert, but terrible at it.

Journal description

The self-appointed mayor. He seems to be trying his best.

Likes making friends, throwing parties, and having boundless optimism.

Interview notes

  • Followed Lizbert to the island out of blind loyalty.
  • Lizbert left him in charge while she was out hunting.
  • Wasn't able to stop the others from fighting.
  • Believes that I can put Snaxburg together again.


Filbo is optimistic, well-meaning but incredibly clumsy[1] and suffers from a low self-esteem in which he is quite a doormat; not a good set of flaws for a leader.

Filbo puts his faith entirely on the Journalist to bring the town back together, due to being good at stuff, unlike Filbo, and not hated yet, unlike Filbo.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
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FILBO FIDDLEPIE (a crowd favorite)
You invite yourself to your own parties. Saying 'no' makes your mouth feel bad. If you hold a door open for one person, you're stuck holding that door until the building closes.


Filbo is a cyan-furred Grumpus with a round, red, clown-like nose, and purple eyes. He has three hair tufts on top of his head. and wears a white sash to distinguish himself as mayor. His face shape is a neutral mouth position with an upper row of four entirely even round teeth and a below row of three similar teeth. His defining accessory[2] is his white sash that reads "Mayor" with a pawprint next to it.

Filbo has the Grumpus "base design" in which any alternative depiction of Grumpuses are his model. Examples of this include

  1. Every skeleton model - none having an overbite or underbite structure or a notable teeth pattern.
  2. the statues of Grump-kind found at Frosted Peak, Flavor Falls which has round underbite teeth but otherwise Filbo's face structure and Sizzlin' Sands, which has overbite depiction.
  3. the Grumpy Snakpod shape shown in Snakification
  4. the Grumpus-shaped bottles found at Snorpy's crib at Sugarpine Woods and at Shelda's residence.


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Filbo is the first Grump The Journalist meets when they arrive on the island. He has collapsed from starvation and teaches the player about using the Snakscope and Snaktrap to capture their first Bugsnak. He then takes the player to Snaxburg, and explains that Elizabert left him in charge while on expeditions on the island. Since her disappearance, Filbo assumed the role of Mayor of Snaxburg, much to the dislike of most of the villagers.

When certain villagers return to Snaxburg, Filbo throws parties to celebrate. These are initially not well received by the other villagers, and arguments between them ensue. The third party seems to go far better, with all the villagers joining in with Filbo's dancing by the end. However, the volcano erupts and cuts the party short. Filbo goes with the player and Eggabell to find Elizabert inside the Frosted Peak, and attempts to convince her to leave Snaktooth Island with the other villagers. After this is unsuccessful, he ensures that the remainder of the villagers escape the island safely.

Filbo then asks to stay with the player for a while after returning to the mainland, which the player accepts. He acts as a witness to the events on Snaktooth Island, in order to give the player's article credibility. Additionally, he mentions that he will run for mayor of the town/city in the upcoming election, having gained confidence in his leadership abilities.

SnaxScope Quotes

  • Fryder: "I hear we swallow eight Fryders a year in our sleep!"
  • Inchwrap: "It's gluten free! I think that means it doesn't have a butt?"
  • Melty Snakpod: "Melts in your mouth, not in your paws!"
  • Yellow Peelbug: "When life hands you Peelbugs, make Peelbugade!"
  • Rootle: (in reference to its preceding description of “Burrows into the soil when scared.”) "Same, Rootle. Same."
  • Sandopede: "What a leader! ... Does anybody else get the urge to follow it around?"
  • Strabby: "They're a little shy, but that's okay! They just need some space."
  • Waffstackarak: "What an awful waffle!"


  • Filbo's description of Fryder is a reference to the myth that humans swallow spiders during their sleep.
  • Filbo's description of the Melty Snakpod is a reference to the M&Ms slogan "melts in your mouth, not in your hands".


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Filbo Rabequeiro
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Filbo Nomanda
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Canelo Torrija
French flag.png French Filbo Flanquignol
German flag.png German Filbo Stümpstiefel
Italian flag.png Italian Filbo Fiddlepie
Polish flag.png Polish Filbo Fiddlepie
Russian flag.png Russian Фильбо Простофильсон
Korean flag.png Korean 필보 피들파이
Japanese flag.png Japanese フィルボ フィドルパイ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 斐尔可 菲迪乐皮尔

References & Notes

  1. In the trailer, he has accidentally set Snaxburg on fire on multiple occasions- at least once due to his "weenie hands" - prompting him to seek Lizbert for help, who uttered "again?"
  2. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.