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"What draws us so far away from civilization? What discovery could tempt us to start a new life in the untamed world? Bugsnax!"

SnaxScope sticker.png The missing leader. A passion for adventure and discovery.
ClumbyHappySticker.png Clumby - "I was wrong. Elizabert is a con artist AND a lunatic!"

Elizabert "Lizbert" Megafig is the famed explorer leading Bugsnax expedition on Snaktooth Island. She invites The Journalist, a like-minded individual for cryptids and mystery, to come document their findings and present them to the world. Upon their arrival, the expedition team has scattered and Lizbert has vanished.

Journal description

The missing leader. A passion for adventure and discovery.

Likes nature documentaries, the unknown, and cool hats.

Interview notes[1]

  • Lizbert has been trapped in the Undersnax.
  • She learned the truth that Bugsnax are parasites.
  • Her willpower was strong enough to avoid consumption.
  • She's urged us to escape Snaktooth while we still can.


From what we see of her in the Bugsnax reveal trailer, Elizabert is a brave and curious explorer, eager to learn more about Bugsnax and share her knowledge. Despite her friendly demeanor, however, Clumby calls her a "two-bit con-artist", and she is described as a "disgraced explorer" in an interview, suggesting that she may not be entirely trustworthy. [2]

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
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You took this quiz while hanging from a helicopter. You've never met a group project that you couldn't do by yourself. You think Bigfoot got boring once he[3] went mainstream.


Lizbert is a muscular gray-furred Grumpus with a black droplet nose and deep dark brown eyes. With her natural colours and snout/face shape, she bares likeness to a walrus.
Her face shape is an overbite with huge tusks of which the left one is chipped, and two small sharp front teeth. Below are a row of three sharp teeth with the middle one shorter than the ones on the sides.
Lizbert wears a brown high-crowned, wide-brimmed sable fedora, a direct reference to famous fictional adventurer Indiana Jones.[4]
Her defining accessories[5] are her pastel pink scarf and her 10-pouch belt.

As Queen, her limbs are constantly going through renewed Snakification. When encountered, she will sport Stewdler snakification on top of her head, resembling a crown of spoons. Her crown switches out for Cheddaboardle RexDLC.png , likely to give way to Eggabell being the one with the Stewdler crown.


After discovering Snaktooth Island and establishing Snaxburg, Elizabert sends the player character a film persuading them to come to the island to share the story of Bugsnax. She has been missing by the time the player character arrives 2 weeks later, and the player is tasked with tracking her down.

During her exploration of Snaktooth Island, Elizabert discovered a stone door at the Frosted Peak. She studied the door and managed to document the pressure-plate combination required to open it. However, she was swallowed up by the earth as her partner Eggabell attempted to stop her from opening the door. Immediately after this, she was overrun by Bugsnax and turned into their Queen.

Elizabert is discovered by the player, Eggabell and Filbo, after having overcome the parasitic Bugsnax and assuming control over all Snax on the island; her torso is attached to a huge amalgamation of various Bugsnax, such as Megamaki, Daddy Cakelegs, Mothza Supreme, and Mama Mewon. Her head is also constantly shifting form as well. She tells Filbo, Eggabell and the player of the Snax' true nature, and urges them to leave Snaktooth Island with the rest of the residents of Snaxburg, regretting her decision to invite them all. Unswayed by her requests, Eggabell refuses to abandon her partner and she joins Elizabert as a second Queen.

When The Journalist leaves Snaktooth, Elizabert and Eggabell save the airship from being attacked by a Mothza Supreme, and they remain on the island. If all Grumps are saved, the credit art shows Lizbert and Eggabell have detransformed peacefully and are watching the sunset on the horizon.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Lizbert Mafagafo
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Isaberta Megafigura
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Lisa Higochumbo
French flag.png French Lizbert Mégafig
German flag.png German Lizbert Megafein
Italian flag.png Italian Liz Megamax
Polish flag.png Polish Lizbert Megafig
Russian flag.png Russian Лизберт Мегафрукт
Korean flag.png Korean 리즈버트 메가피그
Japanese flag.png Japanese リズべート メガフィグ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 伊丽莎白 密卡菲

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