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"I had to recall half a billion papers AND give a public apology, all because your 'Grumpfoot' turned out to be a lost football mascot!"

LizbertHappySticker.png Lizbert - "But a big plate of lasagna will make her day!"[1]

Clum Clumby Clumbernut is a high-ranking employee at GNN, and The Journalist's grouchy supervisor. In the true ending of the game, she is revealed to be a Snakolyte.

Journal description

My editor. Used to love Mondays, now despises them.

Likes hot scoops, accolades, and slamming a table dramatically.

Interview notes

  • Lizbert used to be a renowned explorer.
  • Liz was disgraced when Grumplantis turned out to be a hoax.
  • Clumby thinks Bugsnax are a similar waste of time.
  • Also that only desperate losers would believe in Lizbert.


Clumby is grouchy and skeptical, specifically of the existence of Bugsnax and the credibility of Elizabert Megafig. Tired of the Journalist's tendency to chase "monster hunts", she threatens to fire them, unless they can return alive with proof of Bugsnax. She is quite reliant on coffee.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Personality Quiz result Clumby.png

You think internet quizzes are hokey nonsense. You're three pots of coffee deep and if you have your way, you'll never sleep again.


At some point in the past, Clumby was, much like the player, a journalist investigating Snaktooth Island. In her expedition, she came across the Triplicate Space, where she met and interviewed Alegander Jamfoot. To prevent the information from this interview from becoming public, Clumby was recruited into the Snakolytes herself. She now uses her position at GNN to keep sensitive information from going public, feigning skepticism of Bugsnax.


Clumby is a short orange-furred Grumpus with a pink, oval-shaped nose and green eyes.
She wears white pointed glasses, a brown reporter's hat, and a lanyard that contains her ID card.
Her face shape is an overbite, the front row four big even round teeth and the row below three big round teeth, the middle one thinner than the two wider outer ones but all the same height.

Clumby bears a resemblance to Garfield [2] thanks to her orange fur, pink nose, and half-lidded eyes. Various other aspects of Clumby make this resemblance even more apparent.

  • She is a newspaper editor, and Garfield is a newspaper comic.
  • Her Journal description has the Journalist mention she "hates Mondays".
  • Her SnaxScope FlavorText has Lizbert joke about loving "Lasagna".
  • Her Personality Quiz entry mentions an excessive amount of coffee consumption.
  • Her Interview has her mention coffee consumption as well.
  • There are several newspapers taken by the expedition team and one has a headline on Lasagna Sales Rising - Record-breaking monday'. Clumby is the editor of this newspaper.


  • Trailer Quotes:
    • “Wow, that's your new lead? Another monster hunt?”
    • “Elizabert Megafig is a TWO-BIT CON ARTIST!”
    • “Don't tell me you actually believe this half-baked nonsense.”
    • “I swear,if you chase this "Bugsnax" story, YOU'RE OUT OF A JOB!”
    • “Well,say you DO find these "Bugsnax" and make it back alive,you just might keep your job.”
    • “Now get going, and try not to fall off a cliff.”
  • Game Quotes:
    • “I gotta admit, you got guts. Tracking down Lizbert inside an erupting volcano, it’s compelling, dramatic, SENSATIONAL!”
    • “I’d call it fiction if you didn’t have this Filibus yahoo along as a witness.”
    • “Point is, you’re a regular Grumpter S Thompson. It’s just too bad those Bugsnax weren’t real, huh?”
    • “Don’t worry, GNN specialises in painful truths. And speaking of... you’re fired.”
    • “This story’s a page-turner and all, but you lost your job the second you walked out that door.”
    • “Oh please, it’s not like I expected you to come back! Also, you’re legally dead. Might wanna clean that up soon.”
    • “No, no, I sent them away. It would be hard to make them disappear at this point.”
    • “Hmm... hard to say. Could be they’re idiots. Could be they know the truth and they’re keeping it quiet.”
    • “Omne Vivum Ex Bugsnax (all life from Bugsnax).”


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Clumby Grafilda
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Cleta Claranoticia
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Jamona Cabreona
French flag.png French Clumby Scriberson
German flag.png German Clumby Klemmtaste
Italian flag.png Italian Clumby Clumbernut
Polish flag.png Polish Clumby Clumbernut
Russian flag.png Russian Кламби Кламбернат
Korean flag.png Korean 클럼비 클럼버넛
Japanese flag.png Japanese クランビー クランバーナット
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 克兰兹 克兰本纳特

References & Notes

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  2. Garfield on Wikipedia