SnorpyHappySticker.png How'd it get burned? How'd it get buuurned!??  

Charmallow is a Bugsnak resembling a firefly with a body made of toasted marshmallow, wings made of graham cracker, and legs made of chocolate. It is found in Sugarpine Woods, though one can be found frozen in ice in Frosted Peak.


As Charmallow is constantly on fire, it must be extinguished in order to catch it. This can be done by having it come into contact with a Big Bopsicle or Bopsicle, either by launching the Bopsicle into Charmallow with the Lunchpad, or by luring the Charmallow by covering the Bopsicle with chocolate or peanut butter. The Trip Shot can also be used to make Charmallow fall into the water. Once extinguished, Charmallow can be caught in the Bug Net.

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  • Charmallow is the only Bugsnak with the Spicy attribute that is not based on a spicy food, instead on fire as a reference to toasting marshmallows.
  • Snorpy's quote is a reference to the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man, a movie which Kevin Zuhn of Young Horses has stated was a point of inspiration for the themes of Bugsnax.

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