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Chandlo Lives Large is the main quest for ChandloHappySticker.pngChandlo Funkbun.

The beefcake makes his entrance during Snaxburg Gets Spooked where he bursts into Snaxburg to pick up some stuff, actively creating the bridge that leads to his location. As the loyal lover he is to his partner Snorpy Fizzlebean, The Journalist requires the approval of both Grumpuses to agree to head home. Chandlo will not move until Snorpy does.

With the return of him, Snorpy Fizzlebean and Cromdo Face back to Snaxburg as the fourth wave of returns, Snaxburg Isn't Safe follows that eventually opens the possibility for the final Grumpuses to return.

Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Chandlo Back to Snaxburg!

Chandlo is fit and a bit arrogant. He seems too devoted to his work and to Snorpy to come home.


Objectives: Convince him to go home.

Chandlo and Snorpy

Following Chandlo's opened path, The Journalist walks up to a cozy cabin where a scene plays out between the outdoors loving Chandlo and the indoors preferring Snorpy.

Snorpy? Snorpy! Bro, Snorpy, get out here!
I'm sorry, Chandlo, I'm not coming outside. I'm this close to finishing my next invention! Return to your lifting in peace.
Snorpy, we talked about this, bro. You gotta go outside at least one hour a day! Gotta get some fresh air, dawg.
Yes, what I'll 'get' is the attention of the Grumpinati..
Who? There's nobody out here but us, bro!
Better to work in the shadows where I cannot be seen. Also, it's cold out there.
Bro, if you're not comin' outside, I'm bringin' the outside to you!
H-hey, no. What? You cannot lift my entire house!
Oh yes I can! I'ma lift your crib, dawg!
Do not lift my crib, Chandlo! I have delicate instruments in here and-
There. I'm out in the 'fresh' air... And I can smell the chemtrails.
That's right, bro. One step atta time.

The couple supposedly did not notice the Journalist's presence and went on to mind their business. When approaching Snorpy first, he will dismiss interaction, expecting the Journalist to be a Grumpinati spy. As such, only Chandlo is an option, who recognizes the Journalist from earlier and properly introduces himself.

Whoa, it's you again! How's that sweet mountain air treatin' ya, Bro? It's easy to stay swole in paradise. Easy for me, anyway. I'm Chandlo Funkbun. With wisdom and liftin', I got the full package, ya feel me?
Icon Quest.pngWill you come back to Snaxburg?
Naw, I'm good. I mean, I like being in town, but it gives Snorpy mad anxiety. Why don't you talk to him? He's not good with strangers, so tell him I sent ya.
Icon Quest.png Get Hooked! Keyboard White Arrow Right.png

Hoop Dreamz!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Hoop Dreamz!

Chandlo has taken me to his 'dunk zone,' and entreated me to retrieve his lost basket balls with this grappling device.


Objectives: Put Chandlo's basketballs into the basket! (3/3)

Icon Quest complete.pngI got this device from Snorpy.
Nice, Dawg, I knew he'd warm up to you! Alright, follow me.
*Follow Chandlo*
Check it out! My own personal dunk zone! Problem is, I lost my balls. They're stuck all over the place! I'm sure I could get 'em down without your help, but... Snorpy made that grapple thing for me and I wanna see it in action!
What did you want again?
Collect my balls, Bro. Put 'em in my ball basket.
*Grab those Balls*
Icon Quest complete.pngYour balls have been secured.
Alright, you got my balls back! That grapple thingy's awesome! I bet it can grab all kinds of stuff. Snorpy's a genius, Bro! Check it out, there's a Cinnasnail right over there. I know it looks like a sticky dumptruck fulla carbs but it's actually a master climber. Even I can't keep up with it! I always wanted to climb like that. Hey, see if you can catch me that Cinnasnail, Bro!

Slow Your Roll!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Slow Your Roll!

Chandlo has asked me to catch a Cinnasnail on a nearby cliff. This will require some maneuvering on my part.


  • Catch one Cinnasnail. (1/1)
  • Feed one Cinnasnail. (1/1)
  • Meet Chandlo at the cabin!

The Cinnasnail is on top of a nearby rock and it turns out the Snakgrappler does not have enough strength to pull it off of there. Grappling the Cinnasnail merely spooks it a little.

This objective requires three tools; the Snak Trap, the Lunchpad and of course the Snakgrappler. The Lunchpad needs to be placed and aimed, the Snaktrap needs to be put on top of it, launched with the Lunchpads aim and closed when it is in the Bugsnak's area. When the Bugsnak is caught, the Snakgrappler needs to grapple the Snaktrap to reel it in. It is not too tricky aside that the gamedesign requires the right tool to be selected to perform an action - therefor the game pauses when adjusting the tool in the menu.

It is possible to not have met Cromdo at this point, who is included in the "4th wave of returns". As such, you would not know you would get the Lunchpad from him, let alone that you would need something like that in the first place. Chandlo does not provide further hints and the journal simply words it as "maneuvering".

Chandlo challenges the Journalist to a race to the cabin. If the Journalist makes it there first, Chandlo will still react as if they came second place.

*Catch the Cinnasnail in the SnakTrap*
Grapple that trap, Dawg!
*Feed Chandlo a Cinnasnail*
Aw yeah, I feel stronger already!
Watch me vert climb right outta here! Race you back to the cabin!
*Chandlo destroys the Stationary Lunchpad*
Ooh! My bad! You'll have to find another way outta here!
Icon Quest complete.pngI've escaped the dunk zone.
Nice, you made it! You got back pretty fast for a newbie. Me, I got the same time I always get. I guess one Bugsnak isn't enough to push my limits. There's gotta be more Cinnasnails around this mountain, Dawg.

Cheat Day!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Cheat Day!

Now I've got two more Cinnasnails to find. This mountain is large and there are many places to hide. Perhaps this grappler can be of use?


  • Catch two Cinnasnails. (2/2)
  • Feed two Cinnasnails. (2/2)

There are two Cinnasnails remaining, one in the back on top of a ledge and one on the wall near some Hunnabees at the entrance. The same method of launching the Snaktrap on top of the Lunchpad need to be performed. With the wall Cinnasnail, it needs to be timed right as the Snaktrap needs to be closed mid-air. The trap will fall down so there is no need for the Snakgrappler there.

What did you want again?
Hoo! Dunk them Cinnasnails into my mouthhoop, dawg!
*Feed Chandlo the Cinnasnails*
YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' about! I can't wait to check my gains. But before that, I got a situation. Hunnabees flew off with my backup balls. Now my balls are up in the sky! No matter how shredded I get, I can't fly. Believe me, I've tried. You gotta be my wings, Dawg. Master that grabber, catch me those Hunnabees!

Carbo Load!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Carbo Load!

Chandlo wants Hunnabees to complete his cheating day. They are obnoxiously sticky.


  • Catch two Hunnabees. (2/2)
  • Feed two Hunnabees. (2/2)

There are Hunnabees flying around near the biome entrance as well as on the other side of the map near the Dunkzone. The Journalist only requires two of them.

What did you want again?
Blast me with them Hunnabees, Dawg!
*Feed Chandlo the Hunnabees*
Oh grump, my body's tingling. I think that's the POWER. Bro, you really did me a solid. If you want me back in town, I'll be there. But...I ain't going anywhere without my main dawg Snorpy. He'd be lost without me! I can't get Snorpy to leave, though. Whatever's keeping him here, he doesn't want to talk to me about it. Says it's a secret project. But I got a feeling he'll talk to you.

Leg Day!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Leg Day!

It seems that Chandlo and Snorpy are a pair. If I want Chandlo to go home, I will need to help Snorpy as well.


Objectives: Get Snorpy to go home!

Chandlo and Snorpy Head Home

Snorpy is ready to head home but not before he wants to emphasis towards the Journalist that the two of them are now friends. This moves Chandlo and he rushes over to the Journalist to hug them with Snorpy cheering on his hugging technique. Chandlo proceeds to challenge and tease Snorpy and the two run off to Snaxburg.

Hm, the sky seems clear of danger...I suppose it's now or never.
Whoa, Snorpy's ready to go? Alright, dawg, let's do this!
In just a moment, Chandlo. You've been an invaluable ally. I'm even tempted to call you a friend. But quietly, so I'm not overheard.
Bro, if I didn't think it'd crush you like a tin can, I would hug the GRUMP outta you! Aw, what the grump. Here it comes!
What expert hugging that is. You do that hug!
Alright, let's get outta here! Race ya back to town, Snorp-Dawg!
Please don't make me run with you, Chandlo. I'll go weak in the knees.
If you're not up for it, I could always carry you.
*blushing intensifies* oh, no, that's...quite alright.
Wait! Chandlo!

References & Notes

  • The Journalist notes the Hunnabees' stickyness due to them optionally attacking them with certain methods of catching and cover them in honey. Hunnabees and Cinnasnails are the only Bugsnax with the Sticky attribute. Regardless of Chandlo's excessive consumption of five Sticky Bugsnax, he himself has not become any stickier as to be able to climb better. He remains believing the Bugsnax can enhance his body and their skills are passed onto him.
  • When returning to the area the previously destroyed Stationary Lunchpad will be fixed. Either Chandlo or Snorpy, or both, came back to do so. Chandlo also fixed the bridge to Sizzlin' Sands.