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"I'm Chandlo Funkbun. With wisdom and liftin', I got the full package, you feel me?"

SnaxScope sticker.png A brawny builder bro. Surpisingly spiritual.
SheldaHappySticker.png Shelda - "One who DOESN'T! UNDERSTAND! METAPHORS! (sighs) Deep breaths, Shelda."

Chandlo Funkbun is a Grumpus who is a resident of Snaxburg, and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition. The Journalist refers to him as 'The Beefcake' in Chandlo's interview description. He is in a relationship with Snorpy.

Journal description

A brawny builder bro. Surprisingly spiritual.

Likes the outdoors, challenges, and 'rager parties, braw'.

Interview notes

  • Compelled by Snaktooth's dangerous reputation.
  • Lifelong partner to Snorpy Fizzlebean.
  • Befriended Eggabell and became her personal trainer.
  • Confident that Lizbert and Eggabell are surviving.


Chandlo prides himself in his strength, always trying to test his physical abilities. He is also fond of Shelda's "wisdom," though he often misinterprets it. He enjoys shooting hoops, but has a tendency to lose his basketballs in trees and high cliffs. He is good-natured and shown to be quite nurturing and protective of those he cares about, particularly Snorpy, and attempts to act as a peacekeeper at times.

Chandlo respects the bugsnax and believes that consuming them is the key to building his strength beyond what would normally be physically possible. He believes that strength is the key to protecting Snorpy, and this is what fuels his quest for ever more powerful Bugsnax.

Chandlo is implied to be a talented engineer, and was the one who constructed the buildings in Snaxburg with Snorpy's help.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Personality Quiz result Chandlo.png

You're ten pounds of swag in a one-pound bag. You think yoga is a competitive sport. You're on a juice cleanse to cleanse your last juice cleanse.


Chandlo joined the expedition in search for the physical challenges the extreme and varied environmental conditions Snaktooth Island had to offer - the island being known for its earthquakes, avalanches, eruptions and ships going missing near its shores. (latter mentioned in Clumby's interview.) He "made" Snorpy tag along, insisting that the outdoors would be good for Snorpy's health, perhaps convinced that his strength would be sufficient to protect Snorpy from the island's infamous dangers.

Chandlo's issue is the assumption that Snorpy requires such protection, the issue for both of them being their lack of communication as partners, so much so that Snorpy is not even aware they are dating since kindergarten, having him still worry about exposing his feelings due to expecting rejection.

In Snorpy's interview - Snorpy speaks of Lizbert being equal in strength to Chandlo and wits to Snorpy. It is unclear if Chandlo and Snorpy knew Lizbert (and Eggabell) pre-expedition; the fondness to which Snorpy speaks of Lizbert gives the allure they know each other longer.

In Chandlo's interview he states that he is fond of Lizbert but has little to say about her as he is tighter with Eggabell, the latter he coaches in fitness and otherwise talks to knowing she is prone to depressive episodes. He also resents Floofty for their experiments on Eggabell, even if Eggabell went into it willingly.
Chandlo sharing what he knows and helping where he can reflects his relationship to Shelda, to whom he turns for wisdom. While "he does not pretend to understand", he still values her every word and is inspired by it no matter how he may interpret her lessons. This however is frustrating to Shelda because she tries to make him understand but is stuck on keeping her formulation mystical as to ensure people listen to her at all.

Chandlo's stance on Bugsnax is respect for their strength/durability but his opinion on consumption varies. In the Video Diaries he is concerned with Eggabell's intake, due to Floofty's experiments, speaking of her as having "hit the Bugsnax" quite a lot. This shows he has some worry of what Bugsnax do which means he may partially understood Shelda's warnings or applies his own interpretation of them as some kind of steroids. The latter remains confusing in the storytelling as it is stated various times that Bugsnax are their only foodsource aside Sauce.

Chandlo's issue of needing to be able to face any challenge physically has him consume Bugsnax in the assumption it will enhance his strength and/or lend the power of the consumed Bugsnax to him. He speaks desire to want to be able to climb like a Cinnasnail and fly like a Hunnabee. He thinks Beefy Bugsnax would make him beefier. With Mama Mewon he expected consuming the grand Legendary Bugsnak would lead him to grow in size. All such does not happen much to Chandlo's disappointment and any feeling of gain is short-lived.


Chandlo is an extremely buff short lime green-furred Grumpus with a small, burgundy, button nose and pink eyes. His muscular build focuses on his arms and chest - due to a lack of neck reference, his chest muscles could also be read as a cleft chin. He has developed abs underneath his shirt.
His face shape is an overbite with huge tusks, two sharp front teeth and a below row of three sharp teeth.
He wears his purple baseball cap backwards. On the front "SNAX" is embroided on it.
His defining accessory[1] is a white tank top with purple edging and a logo of the New Grump City basketball team. This could mean he plays for said team.


Chandlo and Snorpy share their residence in the mill of the town. A waterwheel is attached to the building possibly to power Snorpy's indoor forge. The town's stock of wood is kept here as well as other tool and materials for building. The team provides the whole architectural structure of town and a mill is an essential community aspect, though without function in the gameplay. The area behind Gramble's ranch functions as their yard where Chandlo has put his hoop and basketballs.

The mill has an entrance on both sides with a top floor where Chandlo and Snorpy have their beds. They sleep separated.

SnaxScope FlavorText

Points of Interest
SnaxScope sticker.png Scan Info FlavorText Area
One of Chandlo's orange sport orbs. Designed for hoopability.
ChandloHappySticker.png Geeettttttt dunked on!!![2]  
Sugarpine Woods logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Chandlo's Weights
Barbells of absurd weight, which Chandlo uses to maintain his arm size.
Snaxburg logo.png
Beffica's Dresser
An old dresser. Judging by the wear, the mirror broke a long time ago.
ChandloHappySticker.png Yeah, I didn't build that. Beffica made me haul it off the boat, Dawg!  
Snaxburg logo.png
Unfinished Hut
Looks like construction was interrupted. Who was this intended for?
ChandloHappySticker.png Chillax, bro, I'll finish it one of these days...  
Snaxburg logo.png
SnaxScope sticker.png Scan FlavorText Area
Cinnasnail sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png These are prolly 3,000,000 cals, bro. Talk about a carbo load!  
Sugarpine Woods logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Hunnabee sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png I heard honey is sometimes used as medicine. So it's healthy!  
Sugarpine Woods logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Cobhopper sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png That thing has an a-maize-ing vertical, bro.  
Garden Grove logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Baja Tacroach
Baja Tacroach sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png Healthier than regular Tacroaches! Bro, I'm about to get baja blasted!![3]  
Simmering Springs logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Puffy Snakpod
Puffy Snakpod sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png Dawg, I'd kill for a Snak that was just the little green things.[4]  
Scorched Gorge logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Loaded Spuddy
Loaded Spuddy sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png What's it loaded with? Rage, bro. And sour cream.  
Sizzlin' Sands logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Mt Sodie
Mt Sodie sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png For Xtreme energy, and even more Extreme cavities!  
Frosted Peak logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Wee Mewon
Wee Mewon sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png They're like a gang of angry dodgeballs.  
Flavor Falls logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png
Mama Mewon
Mama Mewon sticker.png
ChandloHappySticker.png That's one mean green mama![5]  
Flavor Falls logo.pngSnaxburg logo.png


  • Chandlo's quote for the Baja Tachroach is a reference to Baja Blast, a Taco Bell-exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew soda.
  • A track on the Bugsnax OST is called "Liftin' Your Crib, Dawg!", which is the line Chandlo says while lifting Snorpy's Cabin.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Chandlo Mexacadeira
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Adonis Parkuro
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Fortacho Guacamole
French flag.png French Chandlo Funpop
German flag.png German Chandlo Benmucki
Italian flag.png Italian Chandlo Funkbun
Polish flag.png Polish Chandlo Funkbun
Russian flag.png Russian Чендло Зажигатор
Korean flag.png Korean 찬들로 펑크번
Japanese flag.png Japanese チャンドロ ファンクバン
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 尚德洛 凡克布

References & Notes

  1. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.
  2. "Get Dunked On" is a reference to Snickers Commercial "Get Dunked on by Patrick (Ch)Ewing"
  3. Reference to "Baja Blast", a Taco Bell-exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew soda. Unrelated to Mt Sodie.
  4. Chandlo refers to Wasabi Peas often included in rice cracker assortments.
  5. Reference to "Audrey II" from Little Shop of Horrors.