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WambusHappySticker.png I had to set up scarecrows just to give 'em somethin' else to tackle.  

Bunger is an Attribute Aggressive.png Bugsnak found in Garden Grove. It is the first aggressive Bugsnak encountered, and is used to teach the player how to use the Sauce Slinger sticker.pngSauce Slinger.


Bungers waddle around in circles around the bottom of Garden Grove. They will not actively chase the player, but if the player or another Bugsnak is in their way, they will launch them into the air and display a teasing expression.

They are not catchable with Snak Traps unless stunned, and will knock them away. To stun them, you need to use ketchup to lure another Bunger into ramming into the Bunger. This will allow the player to pick them up with the Bug Net or Snak Trap. Additionally, it's also possible to use the Trip Shot.

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Bunger is based on a rhinoceros beetle (subfamily Dynastinae) as well as a cheeseburger. Its front half is covered by a white wrapper, and it has six curly fries for legs, as well as two curly fries for "horns".


  • The music track that plays in Garden Grove during the day is called "Those Darn Bungers".
  • Bunger's two curled horns make it strongly resemble the New Guinea Stag Beetle, Lamprima adolphinae, though it is unknown if this was any inspiration.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Burguesouro
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Hamburbajo
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Bocatorito
French flag.png French Scaraburger
German flag.png German Bunger
Italian flag.png Italian Scaraburger
Polish flag.png Polish Chraburger
Russian flag.png Russian бодунгер
Korean flag.png Korean 딱정버거
Japanese flag.png Japanese バンガー
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 汉堡甲虫

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