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The Bugsnax Wiki Policies are a combination of rules, advice and the mindset that apply to this Wiki/Fandom space specifically, aside the general Wiki/Fandom policies. You can always turn to the admins for questions and/or issues. If you are blocked from approaching them on this wiki space - know you can approach them through Community Central.

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Developers & Community

Our wiki's focus lies on official published media, with the Video Game content as a lead. If fiction content is not present within the game (such as the booklet or the promotional material) it is to be granted a separate section in articles to avoid confusion.

The development team of Young Horses have online presence and a limited threshold to interact with them. While it comes with its benefits, it also makes way for an abundance of 'word-of-god confirmed fan theories' which is not necessarily a whole YH team decision and have caused fandom debate and eventual backtracking in the past. Writing requires time and care and making things up on the spot to please fans leads to incoherent writing for both the fiction and the wiki. To still provide a space to note down any such acquired fiction, please refer to the Young Horses Discord space.

We try to avoid terminology of 'canon' and 'non-canon' - we are not in the position to decide on that and the fandom buzz terms have an underlying tone of superiority (canon) and inferiority (non-canon). As such, we neither assign wording such as 'good/bad' (outcome) - there is no 'right' way to engage with fiction or interpret it and anyone's experience is a valid one.

Our wiki aims to be an honest and trustworthy information resource presented in a neutral tone were we have no obligations to promote the fiction as we merely report on it. As such, "critique" is not out of question. We do not dictate how to experience the fiction but we do provide alternative ways of seeing. We do not wave away or 'fix' content in favor of making the fiction look better than it is.

Visitors & New Users

Mobile & Desktop
As of now, Wiki on Mobile is hardly intergrated and pages are displayed poorly as template code is not adopted and converted within the different realm, hence you might not be able to read or even see the contents to a page. As such, we highly advice to explore Wikia/Fandom on Desktop (mode). On mobile, you can edit that in your browser settings.

Ad Blocker
We highly advice to install an AD BLOCKER to explore wiki/fandom spaces - especially if you are a regular visitor. While Wikia as a website receives revenue from these Ads, the reason for one to come to these spaces is the volunteer work by contributors, who do not receive any income for their labor and dedication. This exploitative construct would not be as troublesome if the Ads were not also intrusive and overlapping page structures - hence we encourage to install an AD BLOCKER to improve the wiki browsing experience.

What are Admins?
Admins are users with enhanced tools and rights. They have to manage the wiki in every corner. An admin is able to manage user rights (including blocking), delete content (pages, comments, discussion), alter the wiki's advanced code space for design and install mass-editing scripts for own use. Wikia/Fandom is quite a maze so if you see something that calls for their attention, please contact them.

What is to be considered a 'spoiler' differs per person and their engagement. We try to be as spoiler-free as possible (by putting notes related to the conclusion under a spoilertab) but we advice to not explore the wiki if you would like to experience the game without foreknowledge.

Fanwork & unrelated
Any user is allowed to upload pictures for personal use, such as your own fanart, screenshots and even subjects related to media outside of Bugsnax. These images should be used on your personal space - your userpage and sandbox(es). You can upload any format that Wiki/Fandom allows.

Fanwork Submission
For requests to have your fanwork to be displayed on the frontpage, please approach one of the admins. We accept any form of art that can be displayed on the space. This includes: drawings, writing, photography, photo manipulation, screenshots, short animations/GIFs and music/audio.

Do consider that your artwork measurements will be displayed as "square" to fit the box display.

Main article - Bugsnax Wiki:Fanwork

A Sandbox is a personal page space that does not appear on the regular search of the wiki. You create it by naming a new page using the title: User:<insert name here> /Sandbox.

Critique of any kind is always welcome! If you experience some of the looks as inaccessible/unpleasant, please let us know. For example, if you spot a dark/light mode differences, such as that you cannot read a template, please report this to an admin. (You are welcome to toggle with source code yourself.)

Content & Editing Policy

You can edit any page to add or remove content to enhance readability. The lead writers/admin will review these edits. If you do not know where to put your information, add it to the trivia section or below the page.

New Page creation
It is advised to write an article in your sandbox first, so you can polish it .
It is not appreciated to submit an article that is an obvious work of little effort (such as a blank page or one sentence) with no intention to expand it and leaving it for others to fix. We consider it a form of vandalism - red linked pages are for management to have an overview of what places to still work on.

Base Rules
You are not allowed to

  1. create new categories
  2. assign categories to pages, unless they lack existing ones
  3. move pages
  4. add duplicate pages
  5. add unrelated/fan content to pages

Wiki/Provided Tutorials

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