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Bugsnax is a mouth-watering indie single-player adventure game by Young Horses. It is the studio's second retail game, following Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

Bugsnax was released digitally on November 12th, 2020 for PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games Store, a physical edition from Fangamer became available in 2021. The Isle of BIGsnax update was released on April 28th, 2022. The release of the BIGsnax update made the game available on Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

The theme song, "It's Bugsnax!" was written and performed by Kero Kero Bonito.


  • Discover, hunt, and capture all 112 111 different species of Bugsnax using a variety of contraptions and bait!
  • Explore the diverse biomes of Snaktooth Island to track down and reunite the inhabitants of Snaxburg.
  • Follow every lead to learn more about Lizbert's band of misfits and the mysteries of Snaktooth Island.
  • Stuff your new friends with Bugsnax to customize them with countless new looks.


Bugsnax is a single-player action adventure game. The player controls The Journalist who arrives on Snaktooth Island, and is tasked with finding the various other characters on the island, convincing them to return to Snaxburg, and interview them in order to discover what happened to Elizabert Megafig, organizer of the expedition.

In order to achieve this, the player must capture Bugsnax. This is done using a variety of devices, each with their own effects. Observing the behavior and personality of each Bugsnak is the key to determining what trap, combination of traps, or even other Bugsnak may be needed to capture it. Captured Bugsnax can be fed to other characters to customize their appearances.


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Material provided by Young Horses to be used in news and promotional media[1]


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Bugsnax has had various updates and bugfixes since its release. The developers use their discord as a way to give players easy access to troubleshooting and provide an accessible-for-all Google Doc which lists all updates and future plans.

Console releases need to go through testing and approval of distributors (Playstation, Sony) in order to ensure quality to its customers. As there if often a large queue and this testing takes a while, updates on console are big and more spread, while PC (EpicGames) has plenty smaller updates.

Bigsnax is the first and final content update with the release on PC platform STEAM.

  • One dialog option of the Journalist was removed during Triffany Bones Up.
  • A bug that made the game collapse on itself if one was to close the game during the events of The Quake was fixed after User:LeahCCinnamon made note of it. The characters would stare into nothingness and utter some default lines while the volcano was going off in the distance. Eggabell was not in town anymore. Going into the direction of Sugarpine Woods - the only accessible area during this event, had the player fall through the level and reset back into town.
  • (Jan - March 2021) Floofty's German pronouns were updated after notice from User:LeahCCinnamon that gendered/male pronouns were used.[2]
  • Fast-travel was introduced prior to PC (?May 2021) and was added to console on 28/04/2022 with the Bigsnax update.

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