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A buffet of various Bugsnax

Bugsnax are creatures found on Snaktooth Island that resemble food. Side effects are that they also will transform the individual body parts of any Grumpus who eats them. There are various species of Bugsnax found throughout the game which can be caught using traps.

"Bugsnax" is also the title of the game. More details about it can be found here: Bugsnax (Game).

For information about the history and biology of Bugsnax, refer to this page, but be aware that it contains frequent and heavy spoilers!

Alphabetical listing of all known Bugsnax

There are 100 catchable Bugsnax.

Some Bugsnax take inspiration from multiple different "bugs". Multiple bugs may be listed as the basis for a particular Bugsnak, as long as they were confirmed by an official source (or apparent from the English name).

Image Name Location Bug Snack
Aggroll sticker.png Aggroll Frosted Peak Hermit Crab Egg Rolls
Baby Cakelegs sticker.png Baby Cakelegs Frosted Peak Daddy Longlegs Cake Slice
Banopper Frosted Peak Grasshopper Banana
Red Banopper sticker.png Banopper (Red) Boiling Bay
Big Bopsicle sticker.png Big Bopsicle Sugarpine Woods Atlas Beetle Popsicle
Bombino sticker.png Bombino Sizzlin' Sands Case-Bearing Caterpillar Pizza Pocket
Bopsicle sticker.png Bopsicle Sugarpine Woods Atlas Beetle Popsicle
Bunger sticker.png Bunger Garden Grove Rhinoceros Beetle Burger
BBQ Bunger sticker.png Bunger (BBQ) Scorched Gorge
Buffalocust sticker.png Buffalocust Sizzlin' Sands Locust Buffalo Wings
Charmallow sticker.png Charmallow Sugarpine Woods Firefly S'mores
Cheepoof sticker.png Cheepoof Scorched Gorge Butterfly/Moth Cheese Puff & Nacho Chips
White Cheepoof sticker.png Cheepoof (White) Scorched Gorge White Cheddar Cheese Puff & Nacho Chips
Flamin' Cheepoof sticker.png Cheepoof (Flamin') Boiling Bay Spicy Cheese Puff & Nacho Chips
Cheery sticker.png Cheery Frosted Peak Ice Flea Cherry
Cheezer sticker.png Cheezer Sizzlin' Sands Huntsman Spider Cheese Sandwich Cracker
Chillynilly sticker.png Chillynilly Frosted Peak Firefly Ice Cream Sandwich
Chippie sticker.png Chippie Frosted Peak Huntsman Spider Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cinnasnail sticker.png Cinnasnail Sugarpine Woods Snail Cinnamon Roll
Cobhopper sticker.png Cobhopper Garden Grove Grasshopper Corn Cob
Greater Cocomite sticker.png Cocomite (Greater) Boiling Bay Mite Coconut
Lesser Cocomite sticker.png Cocomite (Lesser)
Green Crapple sticker.png Crapple (Green) Boiling Bay Crab Green Apple
Crapple sticker.png Crapple (Red) Simmering Springs Red Apple
Daddy Cakelegs sticker.png Daddy Cakelegs Frosted Peak Daddy Longlegs Birthday Cake
Dr Sodie sticker.png Dr Sodie Garden Grove Shrimp Soda (Dr. Pepper)
Eggler sticker.png Eggler Sizzlin' Sands Slug Fried Egg
Flapjackarak sticker.png Flapjackarak Sizzlin' Sands Wheel Spider Bacon and Pancakes
Flutterjam sticker.png Flutterjam Frosted Peak Butterfly Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Fryder sticker.png Fryder Garden Grove Spider French Fries
Sweet Fryder sticker.png Fryder (Sweet) Scorched Gorge Sweet Potato Fries
Green Grapeskeeto sticker.png Grapeskeeto (Green) Simmering Springs Mosquito Raisin/Grape
Grapeskeeto sticker.png Grapeskeeto (Purple) Boiling Bay
Hunnabee sticker.png Hunnabee Sugarpine Woods Honeybee Honey
Incherrito sticker.png Incherrito Sizzlin' Sands Inchworm Burrito
Inchwrap sticker.png Inchwrap Flavor Falls Lettuce Wrap
Instabug sticker.png Instabug Frosted Peak Ant Trendy Sweets
Kweeble sticker.png Kweeble Simmering Springs Weevil Kiwi
Golden Kweeble sticker.png Kweeble (Golden) Boiling Bay Golden Kiwi
Kwookie sticker.png Kwookie Sugarpine Woods Huntsman Spider Sandwich Cookie
La Sodieux sticker.png La Sodieux Boiling Bay Shrimp Soda/Sparkling Water (La Croix)
Black Lollive sticker.png Lollive (Black) Sizzlin' Sands Long-Tongued Fly Black Olive
Green Lollive sticker.png Lollive (Green) Flavor Falls Green Olive
Mama Mewon sticker.png Mama Mewon Flavor Falls Tick Watermelon
Megamaki sticker.png Megamaki Boiling Bay Bristle Worm /Sea Serpent Sushi (Dragon Roll)
Minimaki sticker.png Minimaki Boiling Bay Bristle Worm /Sea Serpent Sushi (Dragon Roll)
Mothza Supreme sticker.png Mothza Supreme Sizzlin' Sands Moth Pizza
Mt Sodie sticker.png Mt Sodie Frosted Peak Shrimp Soda (Mountain Dew)
Noodler sticker.png Noodler Boiling Bay Spider Crab Noodle Soup
Paletoss sticker.png Paletoss Boiling Bay Atlas Beetle Paleta
Paletoss Grande sticker.png Paletoss Grande
Green Peelbug sticker.png Peelbug (Green) Scorched Gorge Pillbug Lime
Orange Peelbug sticker.png Peelbug (Orange) Simmering Springs Orange
Ruby Peelbug sticker.png Peelbug (Ruby) Flavor Falls Blood Orange
Yellow Peelbug sticker.png Peelbug (Yellow) Sugarpine Woods Lemon
Pineantula sticker.png Pineantula Simmering Springs Tarantula/Trapdoor Spider Pineapple
Pinkle sticker.png Pinkle Flavor Falls Hermit Crab Pickles
Poptick sticker.png Poptick Scorched Gorge Tick Popcorn
Caramel Poptick sticker.png Poptick (Caramel) Flavor Falls Caramel Corn
Preying Picantis sticker.png Preying Picantis Sizzlin' Sands Praying Mantis Assorted Mexican Food
Black Razzby sticker.png Razzby (Black) Sizzlin' Sands Ladybug Black Raspberry/Blackberry
Razzby sticker.png Razzby (Red) Simmering Springs Raspberry
Ribblepede sticker.png Ribblepede Scorched Gorge Centipede BBQ Ribs
Rootle sticker.png Rootle (Orange) Flavor Falls Earthworm Carrot
White Rootle sticker.png Rootle (White) Parsnip
Sandopede Full sticker.png

Sandopede sticker.png

Sandopede Flavor Falls Centipede Submarine Sandwich
Sub Sandopede sticker.png Sandopede (Sub)
Scoopy sticker.png Scoopy Frosted Peak Earthworm Neapolitan Ice Cream
Scoopy Banoopy sticker.png Scoopy Banoopy Frosted Peak Giant Water Bug Banana Split
Scorpenyo sticker.png Scorpenyo Scorched Gorge Scorpion Jalapeño Pepper
Scorpepper sticker.png Scorpepper Sizzlin' Sands Ghost Pepper
Sherbie sticker.png Sherbie Boiling Bay Earthworm Rainbow Sherbet
Shishkabug sticker.png Shishkabug Garden Grove Ant Shish Kebab
Crispy Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Crispy) Garden Grove Bagworm Bag of Potato Chips
Fruity Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Fruity) Boiling Bay Bag of Candied Fruit
Grumpy Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Grumpy) Simmering Springs Bag of Gummy Candy
Meaty Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Meaty) Sizzlin' Sands Bag of Jerky
Melty Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Melty) Frosted Peak Bag of Chocolate Candy
Nutty Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Nutty) Sugarpine Woods Bag of Trailmix
Puffy Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Puffy) Scorched Gorge Bag of Rice Crackers
Twisty Snakpod sticker.png Snakpod (Twisty) Flavor Falls Bag of Pretzels
Snaquiri sticker.png Snaquiri Simmering Springs Woolly Aphid Daiquiri
Sodie D sticker.png Sodie D Sizzlin' Sands Shrimp Soda/Juice (Sunny D)
Sprinklepede sticker.png Sprinklepede Sugarpine Woods Millipede Donut
Spuddy sticker.png Spuddy Scorched Gorge Stag Beetle Baked Potato
Loaded Spuddy sticker.png Spuddy (Loaded) Sizzlin' Sands Loaded Baked Sweet Potato
Strabby sticker.png Strabby (Red) Flavor Falls Ladybug/Aphid Strawberry
White Strabby sticker.png Strabby (White) Garden Grove Pineberry
Stewdler sticker.png Stewdler Frosted Peak Spider Crab Stew
Sweetiefly sticker.png Sweetiefly Garden Grove Dragonfly Spherical Lollipop
Crystal Sweetiefly sticker.png Sweetiefly (Crystal) Scorched Gorge Rock Candy
Lovely Sweetiefly sticker.png Sweetiefly (Lovely) Simmering Springs Heart Lollipop
Rainbow Sweetiefly sticker.png Sweetiefly (Rainbow) Sugarpine Woods Swirled Lollipop
Tacroach sticker.png Tacroach Sizzlin' Sands Cockroach Taco
Baja Tacroach sticker.png Tacroach (Baja) Simmering Springs Fish Taco
Tropicabug sticker.png Tropicabug Simmering Springs Ant Shish Kebab
Waffstackarak sticker.png Waffstackarak Simmering Springs Wheel Spider Sausages and Waffles
Wee Mewon sticker.png Wee Mewon Flavor Falls Tick Watermelon Ball
Weenyworm sticker.png Weenyworm Garden Grove Earthworm Hot Dog
Shy Weenyworm sticker.png Weenyworm (Shy) Scorched Gorge Chicago-Style Hot Dog