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SnaxScope sticker.png A Strabby in a glass ball that will follow your laser pointer.
GrambleHappySticker.png With Sprout, you can search through holes or create a mobile lure!
Journal sticker.png The Buggy Ball can push Bugsnax out of their hiding places. It can also be sauced to get Bugsnax to follow it!

The Buggy Ball, also referred to as Strabball[1] and Stramble[2], is a Field Tool that can enter small spaces and functions as mobile lure.

The Journalist receives it from Gramble in Simmering Springs. It contains Sprout, a Strabby trained by Gramble in a glass ball (reminiscent of a hamster ball). Sprout is trained to follow a laser pointer.

Field Tool

The Buggy Ball has a variety of uses. It can be led into small, inaccessible tunnels, chasing out a Peelbug that may be hiding inside. The ball can be covered in any sauce, which can be used to lure Bugsnax over great distances at a low sauce cost. The Trip Shot can even be attached to the ball, allowing the tripwire to be actively moved around.

Something to keep in mind while using the Buggy Ball is that curious crab-like Bugsnax can pick it up and carry it away. While not difficult to retrieve, a Crapple may cause it to land in the water, washing off any sauce. A Noodler or Stewdler will set the ball on fire, though having a controllable fire source can be used to the player's advantage.


Sprout is the Strabby within the Buggy Ball. It seems to be a "baby" Strabby, since it is smaller than others seen, and still somewhat green toward the tip. Sprout is a favorite pet of Gramble, who not only keeps it safe within a ball, but constructs elaborate obstacle courses for it. Gramble entrusts the player with Sprout because he believes it longs for adventure, which he wouldn't be able to provide himself.

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Sprout's appearance in the ending. Notice the spikes on his ball.

At the end of the game, when Snaxburg is under attack by Bugsnax, the Buggy Ball is one of the tools Snorpy has redesigned for combat. It now has spikes on its exterior, which Gramble is not happy about. This enhanced Buggy Ball is used to defend Gramble and Wiggle from approaching Peelbugs and Crapples. Sprout behaves just as it does normally, and continues to follow the laser pointer, now destroying Bugsnax it comes into contact with.

Sprout is among the only Bugsnax that are not hostile during this time (along with two Kweebles), and it in fact helps the Grumpuses fight off other Bugsnax. It is unknown why this is, or if it is even aware of what is happening. Sprout's fate is ultimately unknown, as it is left in the ruins of Snaxburg when the Grumpuses escape.


In Other Languages

Buggy Ball Sprout
Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Bola de Inseto
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Insectobola
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Bichi Bola
French flag.png French Rouletaboule
German flag.png German Käferkugel
Italian flag.png Italian Buggy Ball
Polish flag.png Polish Robakula
Russian flag.png Russian Жукошар
Korean flag.png Korean 버기 볼
Japanese flag.png Japanese バギーボール
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 虫虫球

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Brotinho
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Brote
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Broti
French flag.png French Charlotte
German flag.png German Ed
Italian flag.png Italian Germoglio
Polish flag.png Polish Kiełkowi/Kiełkiem
Russian flag.png Russian Стебелек/Стебелька
Korean flag.png Korean 스프라우트
Japanese flag.png Japanese スプラウト
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 幼虫

References & Notes

  1. Sprout/Buggy Ball is referred to as 'Strabball' some Screen Files.
  2. Sprout/Buggy Ball is referred to as 'Stramble' in the Bank Files.