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Broken Tooth is a smaller island off the coast of Snaktooth Island, home to a jungle, ancient temples, and unique, gigantic Bugsnax. It can be accessed after completing the questlines of Snorpy, Chandlo, Triffany, Floofty, and Shelda.


Broken Tooth is a jungle, a rainforest, and as such has frequent rain.

Tropical Rainforest plants such as the Monstera and the Rafflesia[1] are present on the island.

The island has a large diversity in sauces to accompany its biodiversity. With the exception of Ranch Dressing, all sauces are present on the island but mostly come in a singular patch.

  • Ketchup sticker.pngThe Ketchup patch is near the Bunger Royale underneath Camp.
  • Cheese sticker.pngThe Cheese patch is in the Jungle area where a Millimochi and Spaghider roam.
  • Peanut Butter sticker.pngThe Peanut Butter patch is on a platform near the Cellystix.
  • Chocolate sticker.pngThe Chocolate patch is in front of the temple entrance, on top of a rock near a Millimochi.
  • Hot Sauce sticker.pngThere are two Hot Sauce patches present; one one a ledge between the waterfalls where the trampoline-carrying Clawsteronis reside, and one near the Bunger Royal and Chocolant duo on the upper level.

In the middle of the island sits a great crater where a shallow lake has formed. It has a few pillars and in its midst a egg-cracking statue.

Local Bugsnax

In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Snakebrado
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Muela Muerta
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Piscolabis
French flag.png French Kassgraine
German flag.png German Abgebrochener Zahn
Italian flag.png Italian Denterotto
Polish flag.png Polish Broken Tooth[2]
Russian flag.png Russian Сломанный Клык
Korean flag.png Korean 부서진 이빨
Japanese flag.png Japanese ブロークン・トゥース
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 断牙

References & Notes

  1. Rafflesia Arnoldii, nicknamed the 'Corpse Flower' (as is the name referred to the plant in the files), is well known for emitting a pungent smell that mimics the odor of a decaying corpse. It does so to attract certain flies to spread its seeds. Broken Tooth does not have fly-based Bugsnax however. The Rafflesia is a national flower of Indonesia and its inclusion is likely only going for the rainforest/tropical jungle theme the biome bases itself off, over what could be a 'visual pun' on the island's implied rich soil of corpses.
  2. The Polish version has all other locations translated.