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Boiling Bay is an area on Snaktooth Island that becomes accessible after completing the event: Snaxburg Isn't Safe

It is a beach area directly connected to the active volcano with lava streams spreading over the beach. Several broken ships surround the area. Floofty Fizzlebean has set up camp here after the events of the Fight, in the broken quarters of a ship. During the events of Snaxburg Isn't Safe, Filbo Fiddlepie sees absolute importance in gathering all expeditionaries back to Snaxburg, to which Snorpy Fizzlebean reluctantly points to the location of his sibling onto whom he put trackers.

The area is entered through the Simmering Springs through a shipwreck door. When firstly meeting Floofty early on in the game, they are shown to go through it as well but lock the door behind them. When entering Simmering Springs after Snaxburg Isn't Safe, Floofty will be find musing on the beach as if they were to wait for the Journalist's arrival, and run off into Boiling Bay, leaving the door open this time. Upon confronting them they will point out they have been waiting for the arrival in a berating tone as they state:

FlooftyHappySticker.png You took your precious time getting here. Any longer and my leg might've rotted away.

After his interview, Cromdo Face gave another clue to "the Mystery" - the place where the expedition team had docked their ship is lacking this very vessel. In the sand, another backpack with a key item is found.

Boiling Bay connects to the Sizzlin' Sands. Within the cavern on the right side of the map there is a lava lake with four Cocomite statues on the sides of the lavafall, each one with a different number of straws. Interacting with them in the correct order (from least to most straws) will open the path and award the achievement "This reminds me of a puzzle" in the process. This path can also be opened from the other side, by turning four Incherrito statues to face one another in a circle.

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In Other Languages

Language Name
Portuguese BR flag.png Portuguese (Brazil) Baía Borbulhante
Spanish LATAM flag.png Spanish (Latam) Bahía Burbujeante
Spanish flag.png Spanish (Castellano) Bahía Ebullición
French flag.png French Baie Chamel
German flag.png German Blubberbucht
Italian flag.png Italian Baia Bollore
Polish flag.png Polish Wrzące Wody
Russian flag.png Russian Бухта бурления
Korean flag.png Korean 펄펄 끓는 만
Japanese flag.png Japanese ボイリング・ベイ
Chinese CN flag.png Chinese CN 沸腾海湾

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