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SkittyAlcremie SkittyAlcremie 26 July

FactsRancher Slime Fun

The sound of a Gilded Ginger is slightly higher pitched than a Gold Slime

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Sophia193ALT Sophia193ALT 20 May

Some Bugsnax Jokes

Laugh at these, will you?

  • Q: Why was the peanut butter sauce sad?
    • A: His friend was in a Flutterjam!
  • Q: What's blue, owns a farm and can take kids to school?
    • A: A Wambus!
  • Q: What do you get when you cross a pig and a sassy Grumpus?
    • A: Beffica Winklesnout!
  • Q: Why did Kero Kero Bonito hold a Strabby on the song cover?
    • A: Mama Mewons were too heavy!
  • Q: What do you call a Fryder that likes to dance?
    • A: Disco Fries!

If you have any joke suggestions, tell me!

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PepperSupreme PepperSupreme 9 May

Pep's Log

|Note ref is now hidden behind a little star which grands faster access to sources and looks cute! It is both for referencing as notes, meaning trivial stuff will be hidden in it too. |- |Design | |Infobox character |Filbo, Egg, Liz and Clumby need other button options with the diaries and the prologue/epilogue |- |Design | |Infobox location |looks neat with the OSTs...tho the type and access section do look off. |- |Design | |Infobox quest |Functions but I don't like how it looks and it needs to LINK to main pages...that said it look AWFUL on the main pages. Might need a char infobox treatment. |}

All characters will get a sub voicebank/text page that should have all their files, also unused ones. Their files also include any occasion anot…

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i like megamaki

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LivleyBSS LivleyBSS 25 February


we worship bunger

bunger nation lets gooooo

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Miguelcardona130 Miguelcardona130 13 February

Fan Bugsnax

These are my ideas for fansnax

Crunchy Snakpod: This Snakpod is a Snakpod made of Cheetos because Cheetos are very crunchy. These Snakpods are found in Boiling Bay and like a new item which is Cheese and they do not like their other cousin which is Puffy Snakpod for some reason.

Ghost Scorpepper: This would be a variant of Scorpepper which is based of a ghost pepper and likes hot sauce and will protect its lower siblings which are Scorpepper. They live amongst their brethren and they are very aggressive towards the player.

Scorbanero: Scorbanero is a variant of Scorpenyo and is orange but its really the same as all of them and are not aggressive to the player so you don't really need to worry about them. They also like hot sauce.

Big Sodie: Bi…

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Flommas Cheeserbean Flommas Cheeserbean 4 February

Bugsnak Gallery

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SkittyAlcremie SkittyAlcremie 3 February

Pet Legendary Bugsnax

I have Lola, a Mama Mewon, and her 8 Wee Mewons, Wishes, a Daddy Cakelegs, mother of four, soon to be eight, Baby Cakelegs

For the proud pops, there's Piza the Mothza Supreme, taking care over his two Bombino kids, and Sushi, Maki dad of the sea, with his ten Minis

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Lol1241 Lol1241 2 February

Fanon Bugsnax

  • 1 Pizzlabug
    • 1.1 Strategy
    • 1.2 Trivia
  • 2 Cherrtails
    • 2.1 Strategy
    • 2.2 Trivia

"Bake it RAW, or its going to be hard to eat." -Wambus

Pizzlabug is a hostile bugsnax, it is found in frosted peaks.

Pizzlabugs can be found in the top segment, or the camp site, lure them out with cheese, Put ranch on them, and then it will show a sad emoji, just catch it, since the pizzlabug will not move.

  • This is fanmade.
  • This is the only bugsnax in the campsite.
  • Peanut Butter will not work, and only make it more aggressive, and charge more.


Cherrtails are a group of springtails stuck together, but are cherries, they are passive and run away on sight.

They hate everything, so if you coat something in sauce, they will kick it awa…

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Lol1241 Lol1241 30 January

tezt blooog

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