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"Ugh! There's drama, and then there's DRAMA! We have too many Geminis around here, and I'm done getting caught up in social dumpster fires."

FilboHappySticker.png Filbo - "Beffica's attention to detail is great! She notices everything that's wrong with me."  

Beffica Winklesnoot is a Grumpus who is a resident of Snaxburg, and part of Elizabert Megafig's expedition.

Journal description

A sharp-tongued socialite snoop. My bestie, apparently.

Likes gossip, photography, and breaking and entering.

Interview notes

  • Fleeing some disastrous social or political fallout.
  • Exposed Cromdo's petty crimes and then hid in a cave.
  • Thinks Lizbert's reliance on Eggabell is a weakness.
  • Saw Lizbert and Eggabell fight before they left.


Beffica is observant and quick to point out the flaws in others. If these flaws are not apparent, she will try her best to unearth them. Her need to get dirt on every person she meets made her good at her previous job as a pop culture journalist, but also led to many lost friendships. While she loves to know others' secrets, she keeps them to herself. She feels the need expose wrongdoings such as Cromdo's schemes regardless of what consequences it has for her.

Personality Quiz: Which Grumpus are You?
Beffica grumpusquiz.png

You are a storm of hot goss just waiting to be unleashed. You say your pics have no filters, but they do. You don't play nerd games, but when you do, you never lose.


Beffica is a short fuchsia-furred Grumpus with a wide, gold nose and red eyes.
Her face shape is an overbite, the front row with relatively small sharp fangs sticking out and two symmetrical round front teeth, the below row three round teeth. She has a hairdo on the top of her head which is somewhat darker than her fur, and is tied into a (right) side ponytail with a red hair tie.
Her defining accessory[1] is a heart-shaped golden locket with a "B" (her initial) engraved in it.

SnaxScope Quotes

  • Crispy Snakpod: "Ugh, these Snax are going straight to my thighs! And my feet, ears, nose, teeth-"
  • Flutterjam: "Drawn to peanut butter like a moth to a... lamp."
  • Instabug: "What's that? You want me to like, subscribe, and eat you?"
  • Noodler: "This Snak is lit! I mean it's on fire! No for real, it burns, help!!"
  • Scoopy: "Neopolitan? Ugh, I wish there was one that was all pink!"
  • Snaquiri: "I wanna have 'Snax on the Beach' ;0)"
  • Sweetiefly: "Don't be a sucker like them ;0)"
  • Weenyworm: "OMG, this is my favorite Bugsnak ever!!"
  • White Cheepoof: "AKA the cooler Cheepoof."


  • Beffica's favorite Bugsnak is the Weenyworm as evident by her colored drawing of one in her cave. The gameplay trailer suggests her favorite was Rootle instead. An unused cave drawing of Fryder exists in the files as well. A picture of a Fryder is also part of her hung up photograph collection.
  • The texture sheet for Beffica's accessories (BefficaHair_D.dds) reveals her locket contains an image of a carton of French fries with a smiley face drawn on it. This is never shown in-game and is likely tied to her cave drawing of Fryder, which is also absent from the game.


References & Notes

  1. A defining accessory is a lasting item meant to identify a character after Snakification.