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Beffica Gets Bored is the main quest for BefficaHappySticker.pngBeffica Winklesnoot.

The Journalist meets Beffica during Filbo Leads The Way and Wambus Goes To Seed and returns for her once the latter quests are completed.

For Filbo, Wambus and Beffica, their quests function partially as tutorials.

With the return of both her and Gramble Gigglefunny back to Snaxburg as the second wave of returns, Filbo's Cold Welcome follows that eventually opens the possibility for the next pair of Grumpuses to return.

Beffica and Filbo / Meeting Beffica

After Wambus threw down a tree to function as a bridge, Filbo ran off to lead the way to Snaxburg. The Journalist follows right after only to run into a rather painful scene playing out.

Hey there, um, Beffica...
Like, oh my gawd, is this squeeb really talking to me right now?
I'm not a squeeb...
It says right here on my SnaxScope. Filbo, Personality Type: Squeeb. Skills: None. Friends: None.
It says that because you wrote that in yourself!
It also says you're a terrible leader.
Like, are you still here? Zonk off, Squeeb!
[1]*sighs* I'll be okay, Buddy. Just talk to Beffica. See if you can get on her good side.

Meeting Beffica / High Learning

OMG, you're that journalist! I haven't seen a new face in like forever. I'm Beffica Winklesnoot, and I know everything about everybody.
Icon Quest.pngCan I help you?
I love your SnaxScope! You and me are totes twinsies!;0) I bet you've seen lots of great stuff. Let me take a peek at your Journal!
I've...misplaced my Journal.
My Journal fell off a cliff.
...you lost your Journal!? No big deal, you can borrow one of mine! I keep 'em in my cave. Bring it here, I'll show you how it's done!
Quest Pin sticker.png
Higher Learning!

Beffica has offered to let me borrow a journal. I could certainly use a way to track all these flavorful varieties of Bugsnax.


  • Pick up the Journal!
  • Talk to Beffica!
  • Open the Journal!

Beffica has two notebooks on her bookshelf up for grabs. One is of a purple shade alike Beffica's fur which happens to be her diary and she is not happy about the Journalist attempting to pick it up. A dark blue one with yellow star stickers decorations and Beffica's signature on the back is up for use. Beffica will guide the Journalist through the Journal, a game tool that keeps track of your progress, inventory and holds a map of Snaktooth Island.

[2]What!? That's my diary, you squeeb! Keep your paws off-a that!
Icon Quest.pngI have the Journal.
[3]Oh, you already got it? That's totes weird but whatevs.
Way to play fetch ;0) Okay, now open it up!
*Journal Tutorial*
Icon Quest.pngThis Journal will be helpful.
See? Everything you scan with the SnaxScope winds up in the Journal. I have more for you to do...but WambusHappySticker.png Wambus is scaring all the Snax away. You'll have to come back later. Until then, you should get FilboHappySticker.png Filbo out of here.
*sighs* Let's get this over with, Buddy.

Return to Beffica!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Return to Beffica!

Beffica and Filbo don't get along well, but Filbo still wants me to convince her to come back to town.


Objectives: Go see what Beffica wants.

Upon returning to Garden Grove, Beffica greets you and tells the area now has a greater variation in Snax, which is true for all area biomes when the Grumpuses have left.

Welcome back. Now that FilboHappySticker.png Filbo and WambusHappySticker.png Wambus are gone, there are way more Snax around here! Scan all the Snax here. Fill up your Journal! Then we can swap deets ;0) But don't be surprised if they're not all out at the same time. Bugsnax gotta sleep, too.

Scope the Grove!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Scope the Grove!

Beffica wants me to scan every Snak in the Garden Grove with my SnaxScope. She cautioned me that some Bugsnax are only out at certain times of day.


Objectives: Scan six types of Bugsnax in Garden Grove! (6/6)

Icon Quest.pngI have scanned all the Grove Snax.
OMG, you really got them all! I knew I picked the right Grumpus. Not that I'm surprised. After all, I've read ALL your articles. Even if I don't believe in the Grumpacabra or whatever, your interviews were always on point. Good pics, too. You've got a way of digging up the truth outta the lies. But enough about you, let's talk Beffica. I want you to use that journalistic instinct to find out what my favorite Bugsnak is. And feed it to me, obvs!
What did you want again?
Get me my favorite Bugsnak. You'll have to dig around to find out what it is~ ;0)

Pop Quiz!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Pop Quiz!

I must use my journalistic instincts to discover Beffica's favorite Bugsnak...and then feed it to her, of course. Perhaps I should scope out her cave.


  • Scope out and catch Beffica's favorite Bugsnak! (1/1)
  • Feed Beffica her favorite Bugsnak! (1/1)

Weenyworm cave drawing.png

There are two hints, or rather "give-away's", to be found in Beffica's cave. One is a giant cave drawing Beffica made, which you look straight at when entering the cave.

If you attempt to pick up the Journal, Beffica shouts her Tidbit dialog "That's my Diary you Squeeb" again. However, scanning it functions as reading it and Beffica does not know or mind if it's done in a snooping manner.

SnaxScope sticker.png OMG, my favorite Snak is totes the Weenyworm. I would eat them all day but that Wambus guy keeps scaring them away! This is why I live alone. ~Beffica.  

As you scanned every snak before, you will know to find the Weenyworm patrolling around the pen. Catch it and feed it to Beffica.

Good answer! You really get me! I know you're just doing this stuff for me because you want me back in Snaxburg, but I don't mind. If you really wanna be besties with me, I want some DIRT. WambusHappySticker.png Wambus acts toootally mysterious before he goes to bed around 10 every night. I want you to find out what he's up to and tell me. If you don't wanna wait around, you can always just take a nap until it's time!

Dig That Dirt! / Get Beffica back to Snaxburg!

Quest Pin sticker.png
Dig That Dirt!

Wambus does something mysterious at night, and Beffica wants me to uncover what it is. Tracking somebody like this gives me a nostalgic feeling.


  • Find out what Wambus does between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.!

Icon Quest.pngI discovered Wambus' secret.
*laughs* OMG WambusHappySticker.png Wambus has a fake cactus wife!? Like he wasn't prickly enough already...10/10 PERF DIRT. *sighs* Snaxburg sounds way more fun than sitting around this cave. I thought it'd be relaxing but it's totes boring. Plus, I don't know nearly enough about YOU yet. I'm just itching to dig up more dirt! See you around town, Bestie!
Quest Pin sticker.png
Get Beffica back to Snaxburg!

Beffica is a bad combination of bored and mischevious. If I can keep her entertained, she may come home.


Objectives: Convince her to go home.

References & Notes

  1. Optional text if you talk to Filbo before completing the Journal Tutorial.
  2. Upon trying to grab Beffica's diary when she is still present at her cave.
  3. Having picked up the Journal before you were supposed to.